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Pixled's F-6 European Cross Rental Network Expands

Pixled's F-6 European Cross Rental Network Expands

Belgium based LED screen specialist Pixled is rapidly expanding its F-6 European Cross Rental Network, with recent sales of over 400 square metres of its high resolution product.


F-6 product, in combination with the Mitsubishi HD processor, has been delivered to the following market leaders in their countries : Stealth 7 LLC in Russia; Smart Choice Ltd from Portugal; Visiontools GmbH from Germany; Irish-based Mongey Communications Ltd and the XL Video Group, which is headquartered in Belgium. All are involved in some of the highest profile and most innovative shows and installations.

Pixled's Cross Rental Network is a dynamic European based business strategy formulated to enable forward-thinking AV and visuals rental companies to seamlessly cross-rent equipment for larger projects.stealth-7.jpg

General manager Bart Van der Beken elucidates, "Cross rental is definitely a way forward! Everyone is impressed with the build quality, the fast and easy rigging and the superb Mitsubishi processing option on the F-6, plus all the extra features like its curvability and the ability to remove LED strips, all of which combine to make it an incredibly creative visual design tool".

Pixled F-6 has fast become a favourite brand for designers and specifiers working on car shows and other cutting edge corporate events and installations where colours need to be spot on.


Pixled's Belgium base is an ideal geographical location for the pan-European distribution hub and the company has put considerable time, energy and resources into creating an exemplary after-sales service and technical support infrastructure for the benefit of all partners.

Following the massive success of Pixled F-6, at PLASA next month, an F-9 product will be launched, which is identical to the F-6 in all ways - apart from the pitch - and is fully mechanically compatible. Like the F-6, this will also be available in 2000 and 4000 Nit versions, and is expected to be equally as popular.

For more press info on Pixled please contact Louise Stickland on +44 (0)1865 202679 or +44 (0)7831 329888 or Email ‘[email protected]'. To contact Pixled direct, please call +32 (0)59 33 99 10 or check

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