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Pixled and Mitsubishi Electric Agree  to Co-operate

Pixled and Mitsubishi Electric Agree to Co-operate

f6_150.jpgAfter the successful introduction of the Pixled F-6 LED display at key exhibitions (including PLASA in the UK and LDI in the USA) Pixled and Mitsubishi Electric are proud to announce a special cooperation.

As of now the Pixled F-6 display will be available either with a standard proprietary processor or with the latest generation of a range of processors from Mitsubishi Electric.

The Mitsubishi options will include multi input HD and DVI with super resolution technology, MPEG noise reduction and enhanced grey scale processing.

This is ideal for professional high end rental markets.

Pixled F-6 offers a revolutionary design with seamless curvability, and is the brightest 6mm currently on the market at 4,000 Nits.

These ultra creative and lightweight tiles offer many more unique features, and to this, Pixled adds the best available processing.

Pixled F-6 is more than 'just another' 6mm product on the market - it utilises the best quality black package SMD's, robust and solid mechanics, is highly reliable and outputs superb picture quality

"To unite all these vital elements and achieve the standards of excellence we required, we needed to combine with the best processing, which is now a reality" says Pixled General Manager Bart Van der Beken.

For more press info on Pixled please contact Louise Stickland on +44 (0)1865 202679 or +44 (0)7831 329888 or Email ‘[email protected]'. To contact PIXLED direct, please call +32 (0)59 33 99 10 or check

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