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‘The Pixel Depot’ Launches to Provide One Stop Shop for LED Display Solutions

‘The Pixel Depot’ Launches to Provide One Stop Shop for LED Display Solutions

The Pixel Depot New Industry Facility Provides Outstanding Showcase of latest LED display Technology

displayLED has revealed its state of the art showroom and industry resource, designed to be Europe's most comprehensive collection of LED video displays. Featuring the latest in innovative LED products from leading manufacturers, The Pixel Depot opened this September at the company’s headquarters near Dorking, Surrey (UK), attracting hundreds of decision makers across the AV rental and installation markets.

On display products include solid LED modules and tiles, creative and flexible displays, mesh/curtain products, video controllers, content management software and an impressive LED dance floor. Other features include replicas of unique digiLED product applications, including the use of wearable LED and incorporation into objects such as a piano, as utilised by a leading US performer.

Also on show is the world’s highest resolution commercially available screen. With 1.9mm pixel pitch, the tile uses common cathode technology and a unique LED driver, resulting in stunning high res displays. With a minimum viewing distance of just one metre and extremely wide viewing angles, the product is ideal for fixed installation applications, from TV stations through to any high profile commercial venue. The product is also available in 2.6 mm and 3.9mm versions.

The Pixel Depot enables visitors to find out more about a range of display factors, including pixel pitch and appropriate resolution, LED type and quality, and what makes a great video screen; including aspect ratios, viewing angles, refresh rate, grey scale and brightness.

“Our experts have scoured the world and tested products, including the latest technology from China, to find the most innovative, effective and user-friendly options currently on the market,” explains Managing Director Graham Burgess. “Recognising the growth of LED technology and the wide choice available to customers, The Pixel Depot will provide a unique opportunity to test a vast array of displays using varying pixel pitches to determine what is best for a specific application, and providing a place for creative inspiration.”

“It’s not easy to continually keep up to date with the best and latest products, so the Pixel Depot will do this for you,” continues displayLED’s Guy Horrigan. “Sometimes it’s hard to visualise or appreciate LED display technology until you see it in person, to know what is best for your application, or to know whether you are dealing with a reputable manufacture or supplier – particularly overseas. You don’t ultimately know if a product will perform at the end of the day. The aim of The Pixel Depot is to provide a resource to enable people to come and test the products themselves and ask these questions, which will save them both time and money.”

The showroom will provide LED solutions across market needs, providing a valuable resource for AV rental companies, systems integrators, TV studios & broadcast media, digital advertising, shopping malls, sports and events venues, architectural applications and building design, galleries, theatres and conference and exhibition markets, as well as unique and creative applications.

The Pixel Depot showrooms will also be available for rental companies and designers to demonstrate options to potential clients, and as an educational resource and training facility.

“With products ranging from a ground breaking 1.9mm to 40mm pixel pitch we’ve been able to put on the best LED show in Europe. Never before have buyers had such an opportunity to compare and contrast the best in LED technology and decide exactly what they need for their application. And it’s not just about one single market. Over the past 2 days we’ve attracted many of the top people in the AV rental, integrator and TV markets as well as some of the leading creative agencies, and the feedback as to the quality of the environment we’ve created and products on show has just been amazing.”

Graham Burgess, CEO & Founder, displayLED

“When you decide to make a significant investment in a showroom which is unlike anything else in Europe, with a wide range of products on permanent display, you can’t write a business plan to justify your spending; it’s just down to gut instinct and a hope that you understand the market and are doing the right thing. Over the past few days industry experts from all sectors of the market have visited The Pixel Depot and we have been flattered by the response to our latest venture. The Pixel Depot is an industry resource, open to anybody who wants to investigate how to realise their LED project and hopefully a source of ideas for clients looking for creative inspiration.”

Guy Horrigan, Commercial Director, displayLED

"The Pixel Depot is a most welcome new resource. It will be a real help to designers and specifiers because it allows direct comparisons between displays of different resolution and construction; and it also has the space to show many imaginative, not to say wacky, variations on the LED theme, from video floors to bendy screens."

Robert Simpson, Founder Director, Electrosonic.

"The Pixel Depot is a great facility where a wide range of different LED products can be seen and compared in a relaxed and informal environment."

Dave Crump, CT UK

"The Pixel Depot delivers a client ready resource for industry professionals and specifiers to see a wide variety of LED products showcased under one roof, allowing clients to make informed technical decisions in a professional environment."

Tim Manning, Swarm

To arrange a visit The Pixel Depot, call +44 (0) 207 381 7840 or email for more information.

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