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Pirates take on LumenRadio's CRMX

Pirates take on LumenRadio's CRMX

pirates35.jpgLumenRadio's CRMX wireless DMX/RDM technology was used with great success in the production of the swashbuckling Pirates of the Caribbean franchise's fourth installment, the On Stranger Tides movie; currently the 8th highest-grossing release of all time worldwide.

The plot draws inspiration from the novel "On Stranger Tides" by Tim Powers, and sends Captain Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) and Angelica (Penélope Cruz) searching for the fabled Fountain of Youth. It was directed by Rob Marshall, produced by Jerry Bruckheimer, and distributed by Walt Disney Pictures.

The movie was produced and released in conventional 2D, IMAX, Disney Digital 3-D, and IMAX 3D and included an immense amount of sophisticated computer generated 2D/3D visual effects, as well as many extensive and very complicated location shots. That level of technical ambition, a very compressed production schedule straddling the Atlantic, and the pressure of a multi-billion dollar franchise would not leave anything to chance and only the best and most advanced technologies would make it onto the set; including LumenRadio's CRMX products.

Josh Thatcher was responsible for the deployment and operation of LumenRadio's CRMX units as part of a gigantic lighting rig on the California set. Josh is a renowned motion picture lighting controls expert with a long list of credits including such movies as Mission Impossible, Cowboys & Aliens, Iron Man, Spider Man, etc. He is also a principal lecturer on advanced control, networking and wireless technologies at IATSE Local 728 - Studio Electrical Lighting Technicians in Hollywood.

"Not only did CRMX Nova by far provide the best range and reliability I have ever seen from a wireless DMX/RDM system, but CRMX SuperNova and the extensive RDM support offered me real time monitoring of signal strength and critical data. This offers tremendous benefits and instills strong confidence in the system", exclaimed Josh when the production wound down.

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