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Photo Gallery: More Concert Master Classes

Photo Gallery: More Concert Master Classes

End of day one and day two images from the Concert Master Classes at CenterStaging.


Anne Militello, Jim Moody, Peter Morse, and Paul Dexter were on Saturday's panel, Your Toughest Challenge and How It Was Solved.


Anne Militello (right) presented The Art of Thinking Differently on Saturday afternoon.


Butch Allen and Bob Bonniol returned to stage Sunday for a session on projection/video.


Ravitz, Lee Rose, and Jim Moody discuss designing live productions for broadcast.


Creative consultant Jeff Ravitz and Justin Collie on stage just before Collie's session with Patrick Dierson (who was dialed in via Skype from the Jay-Z tour, currently in Australia) on Interaction of Designers and Programmers.


Michael Brokaw, Ravitz, and Moody talk the business of concert design for the final session of the classes.

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