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Phoenix Showcontroller now IP Controllable - Internet Remote Control


The new Phoenix Showplayer, an integrated FREE playback and control engine, provided with the software package Phoenix PRO/PRO+ has been re-designed and allows now complete control over the TCP/IP protocol.

Phoenix Showplayer is a software which allows end users to load, start, stop and playback shows on specific times, days and dates of the month, year etc. This add on software was designed for installations where a complete automation of a show is required or where users should be able to run shows without the need for software training on Phoenix PRO/PRO+.Now we have added a remote control functionality to the Showplayer software which enhances the connectivity to other control systems significantly.

This added functionality allows web-based programming and playback of complete shows including audio and video via network and IP address commands.

Having this functionality, it allows web programmers to design websites for museum applications, incorporating video streams, interactive displays and much more without having to worry about control interfaces or DMX programming.

Now Phoenix Showcontroller allows not only DMX In control for events or complete shows but also IP commands. Simply send an IP command to the IP address of the showcomputer and shows will start instantly on the remote Phoenix Showcomputer. The only requirement is that the computer where Phoenix Showcontroller is installed must be in the same network as the requesting computer.

Both computers can be in completely different locations and the control computer does not need to have Phoenix Showcontroller installed and does not require a Phoenix License.

For more information about Phoenix Showcontroller and where you can buy our product, please visit our website at

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