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Philips Vari-Lite Introduces Three New Luminaires

Philips Vari-Lite Introduces Three New Luminaires

vl3015-vl3015lt-vl3515-spot-luminaires-web.jpgPhilips Vari-Lite is proud to introduce the new VL3015, VL3015LT, and VL3515 Spot luminaires to provide lighting professionals worldwide with the increased output of a 1500W lamp in the successful line of VARI*LITE spot luminaires.

“With the release of our 1500W VL3500 Wash luminaire, we began to hear from designers and dealers requesting a similar 1500W platform in our range of spot luminaires,” said Bob Schacherl, Philips Vari-Lite Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “So building upon the product features that have made the VL3000 Spot and VL3500 Spot two of the most in-demand luminaires in the history of automated lighting, we are very excited about the introduction of the new VL3015, VL3015LT and VL3515 Spot luminaires.”

All using the double-ended 1500W lamp that has been so effective and reliable in their large format wash luminaires, the VL3015 and VL3515 Spot luminaires feature a 6:1 zoom optics system, while the VL3015LT boasts an impressive 10:1 zoom optics system.

All three luminaires include CYM color mixing, variable CTO color temperature correction, gobo/effects wheels, and ultra-fast strobe mechanisms. While the VL3015 and VL3515 have a six-position color wheel, the VL3015LT utilizes two five-position color wheels, and the VL3515 luminaire has an added feature of a four-blade shutter mechanism that allows the blades to be operated independently or in unison for a clear and crisp image.

The VL3015 and VL3515 luminaires house standard dual reflectors that allow users to choose between either a peaked or flat field beam. In the peaked beam, the fixtures provide 24,900 lumens of output, and in the flat field beam they both provide an output of 22,000 lumens. The reflectors are easily changed, and whichever one is not chosen rides securely inside the luminaire on a specially designed mount.

The VL3015LT luminaire houses a precision glass reflector system with dichroic cold mirror coating. This system allows the fixture to achieve over 40,000 lumens of output. Plus, the VL3015LT also contains an independent, drop-in armature which rotates, is indexible, and is capable of holding 5-facet prism or included frost glass.

The VL3015, VL3015LT and VL3515 Spot luminaires are all complete with a palette of VARI*LITE gobos, effects and colors, while custom gobos, effects and colors are also available.

For the most up-to-date information on the new VARI*LITE luminaires, contact your Philips Vari-Lite Regional Sales Manager or visit the Products Page at

As a leading designer and manufacturer of premiere automated lighting systems, Philips Vari-Lite provides equipment and services to the entertainment industry, serving such markets as concert touring, theatre, television, film, cruise lines, houses-of-worship, and corporate events. VARI*LITE automated lighting systems are available through a worldwide network of independent professional dealers.

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