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Phil Mercer Back in UK to Head XL Video Concert Touring

Phil Mercer Back in UK to Head XL Video Concert Touring


Following three successful years at XL Video in the US where he oversaw the Los Angeles office, Phil Mercer has returned to his native UK to take up the role of Group Head Of Concert Touring.

Phil's brief is to develop the Concert Touring division of XL Video globally, by working with XL's offices in the US and mainland Europe to provide artists with a seamless touring solution across multiple continents.

Having worked his way up through XL Video, Phil brings a strong technical knowledge of the equipment and services that XL Video provides, coupled with excellent connections with decision makers and touring artists worldwide.

He also has an inherent sense of the best way that artists can transfer their creative ideas into the live performance arena.

“I'm hugely excited by my new role within XL Video,” says Phil “and the responsibility that comes with keeping us visionary in our approach to the industry; in terms of providing cutting edge display technology, high skilled crew, efficient packaging and unequalled service.

“With live show revenues increasingly replacing CD sales as the main income stream for most touring artists, this places equal importance on high production standards and value for money from technical solutions providers like XL Video.

“The wide scope of our work from small bespoke LED scenic pieces with interactive server setups for up-and-coming DJs, to ongoing stadium shows with Coldplay and Roger Waters and, of course, everything in between….. ensures no two shows are the same.

“Although High Definition, Media Servers, DLP Projectors and LED screens are increasingly widely available, our relationships, experience and creative technical thinking are vital in transforming a concept to a practical touring reality.”

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