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Pete's Big TVs on 'Yo Gabba Gabba Live!' Tour

Pete's Big TVs on 'Yo Gabba Gabba Live!' Tour

Pete Pete's Big TVs is providing various LED video panels making up the set of the family entertainment tour, “Yo Gabba Gabba! Live - It's Time to Dance.”

The live version of the children's TV show (airing on Nick Jr. cable network) will have entertained families in 50 cities in North America when the tour ends Dec. 11. The S2BN Entertainment production features hip hop artist Biz Markie, human character host DJ Lance Rock, and favorite Yo Gabba Gabba! characters in costumed form.

Pete's Big TVs' Project Manager Guy Benjamin said, “It's a fun show. It's a mix of live action segments, short animated sketches and musical numbers. This is our first time to be involved with this production but I was familiar with it because my own child watched it. It's so popular they do two shows a day in each city.”

Said S2BN Entertainment's Producer/Director Glenn Orsher, “Our show relies heavily on the video element and we're pleased to have the professional support of Pete's Big TV to give us the quality and the consistency we need on this tour.”

Pete's Big TVs is supplying Gtec 15mm flexible LED panels as the main upstage screen. The flex screen is flexible, allowing it to be curved to accommodate the action onstage, while the downstage video portal features Toshiba 6mm panels. Both screens display scenic looks and backgrounds - from animated bugs to smiley-faced mountain peaks - as well as clips from the TV show, which help introduce the live characters onstage. All the content, as well as the audio, is coming out of Q-Lab.

"We are taking kids' shows to a whole new level," said Orsher. S2BN Entertainment, run by Michael Cohl, is the lead producer of musical “Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark” on Broadway.

Pete's Big TVs' Matt Ellar helped with the initial tour set up and trained the crew on the specific equipment.

MB Productions' Mike Bauder is production managing the show. LD is Mike Baldassari (who also designed last year's tour with a different theme), assistant LD Kristina Koss

and Programmer Jason Marin. Electricians are Pete Hulin (head), assisted by Chris Nimm and Adam Lansing.


Photos courtesy of Yo Gabba Gabba Live!

Production Team

Tour Production/Promotion: S2BN Entertainment Executive Producers: Michael Cohl, Mike Luba

Director/Producer: Glenn Orsher for S2BN Entertainment

Production Manager: Mike Bauder, MB Productions

Lighting Designer: Mike Baldassari

Asst. Lighting Designer: Kristina Kloss

Lighting Programmer: Jason Marin

Head Electrician:Pete Hulin Asst Electrician: Chris Nimm

Asst Electrician: Adam Lansing

Animation: Puny Entertainment

Video Editor: Nate Fackrell

Additional Content Design: Shawn Duan

Video Coordinator: Matt Webb

Head Video: Will Farnham

Asst Video: Andrew Balmer

Q-Lab Programmer: Colle Bustin

Q-Lab Operator/A1: Chris Ransom


About Pete's Big TVs:

Pete's Big TVs/Performance Video in New Castle, Delaware, provides LED video screens, projection and full video production for concert, entertainment and corporate events throughout the US since 1987. For current news, photos and updates on projects in action, visit the company on Facebook at or call 1-800-999-0010.

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