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Pete's Big TVs 'Rip the Runway' for BET

Pete's Big TVs 'Rip the Runway' for BET

rtherunwayweb1.jpg rtherunwayweb2.jpgThe BET Network recently called on Pete's Big TVs/Performance Video to provide the visual production of "Rip the Runway: The Rhythm of Fashion."

The special - combining live music in action with an edgy runway fashion show - was taped at the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City and aired in late March on BET.

The creative team included the Emmy-Award winning LD Alan Adelman, set designer Brian Stonestree and Visual Media Developer Cameron Yeary.

Heading up the PBTV/PV team was Guy Benjamin with crew Matt Ellar, Jody Lane and Rob Villalobos.

A Lighthouse R7 served as the main screen, with Lighthouse R16s left and right. A Glux 37mm mesh positioned upstage served as another canvas for graphic elements.

Much of the set was comprised of the LED video walls and screens, displaying Yeary's custom content fed through the MBOX media server.

“The LED walls were terrific and looked great on camera,” says LD Adelman. “They provided the main backgrounds for the show and worked flawlessly.”

“Making the content is done 90 percent on site with the equipment I bring in,” Yeary says, adding that the media server helps create custom looks in a short time. “Because of the single cross fading layer capabilities it is also easy to jump around to different looks when they change up shooting orders without having a disaster.”

Among the challenges, Yeary points to having to juggle content requests from producers, the TV executives, the talent and the fashion designers. “Trying to take multiple opinions and come up with something that pleases all of them is always a battle,” he says. “In the end, however, I think that they all get something they like out of each performance/ fashion walk.”

Yeary gives credit to PBTV/PV's Matt Ellar, the LED technician. “He really makes this show as well. I am not sure I could do it without him. I make sure he is on every Big Pete's TV job with me.”

Yeary also cites Josh Fleitell, the Visual Media Programmer on a GrandMA to help really take the programming load off of him this year.

PBTV/PV's Guy Benjamin says they perform a number of special shows for the BET network, and this particular show is the second consecutive year for them.


Pete's Big TVs/Performance Video provides LED video screens, projection and full video production for concert, entertainment and corporate events since 1987. For current news, photos and updates on projects in action, visit the company on Facebook at or call 1-800-999-0010.


Press release: Debi Moen, INK.

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