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Pete's Big TVs Quietly Rips the Runway

Pete's Big TVs Quietly Rips the Runway

Pete(NEW CASTLE, DE) The BET Network recently called on Pete's Big TVs for the third consecutive year to provide the visual elements of Rip the Runway. But this year, Pete's Big TVs ripped it quietly - you might say - using their new MC7 high resolution LED panels.

Said Pete's Big TVs' Guy Benjamin, “Our new MC7 LED panels are in high demand, especially for events such as TV - not only for their high resolution 7mm sharp visual quality, but also because they emit no radio frequency noise. This means there is no interference with their wireless signals and no ‘audio noise' for broadcasting. So the sound guys love us as much as the lighting guys.”

Rip the Runway combines live musical performances with models sporting the latest in edgy fashion designs. The show was taped once again at New York City's Hammerstein Ballroom. It airs March 21 on BET.

John Cossette Productions produced the show, with the creative team including the Emmy-Award winning LD Alan Adelman, set designer Brian Stonestreet and content designer Rodd McLaughlin.

Benjamin headed up his team with his crew Matt Ellar, Jody Lane and Brent Jones.

Much of the set featured LED screens. Pete's Big TVs provided their new MC7 high resolution LED panels to comprise the main upstage screen (8 wide by 12 panels high.) and the downstage wings left and right (each 6 wide by 12 panels high). GTEC 15mm screens flanked the far left and right of the runway. To add more visual texture throughout the set, Pete's Big TVs placed 37mm panels randomly throughout the house to serve as another canvas for lower resolution digital graphic content fed through a media server.

LD Alan Adelman said the MC7 panels looked great in person and on camera, and contained no visual noise. “They looked fantastic. We were shooting in 30P (30 frames per second, progressive) and we saw no additional video artifacts or moire that would be apparent in lower res displays. Love the product,” Adelman said.

Pete's Big TVs has a two-year exclusive on the MC7 LED panels in North America.


Pete's Big TVs provides LED video screens, projection and full video production for concert, entertainment and corporate events since 1987. For current news, photos and updates on projects in action, visit the company on Facebook at or call 1-800-999-0010.

photos by Matt Ellar

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