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Pete's Big TVs Enhance Andrea Bocelli in Central Park

Pete's Big TVs Enhance Andrea Bocelli in Central Park

PeteCold rain didn't dampen the spirits of the 60,000-person crowd who came to enjoy the free Sept. 15 concert, “Andrea Bocelli - Live in Central Park.” But the 55-acre Great Lawn left many at a distance from the stage. So Pete's Big TVs was hired to bring the action up close to the masses via their video equipment.

Pete's Big TVs provided upstage projection and video screens on six delay towers. Two Christie Roadster HD30+ projectors provided upstage projection. A ton of fiber optic cables fed the video signals to the six delay towers, outfitted with six video screens, which provided up-close views of the action for the crowds throughout the Great Lawn. The delay screens were created from 610 high resolution flex LED panels - a mix of 15mm and 20mm screens. Though it rained steadily, the equipment performed flawlessly as it was designed for outdoor operation.

Working the show for Pete's Big TVs team was Matt Ellar as the lead tech, joined by projectionist Steve Edwards and LED tech Alex Keene.

Production Designer Bruce Rodgers of Tribe created a half-moon set that was as large as possible and yet still stayed within a 98-foot width, which was the distance between two key trees on the site. His design had to accommodate the 100-piece New York Philharmonic Orchestra and a 100-person choir. Special guests Celine Dion, TonyBennett, Chris Botti and David Foster also accompanied Bocelli in song.

Joining Rodgers on the executive team were LD Bob Barnhart, Event Producer David Stallbaumer, Producer Mitch Owgang and Director/Executive Producer David Horn.

The PBS show ‘Great Performances' is set to broadcast the event nationwide on Dec. 2, while the memory will live on in a CD recording and a DVD release.

Pete's Big TVs has worked on Central Park concerts in the past - recent years supplying the video delay screens for a Bon Jovi performance.

“A concert in New York's Central Park is always a special occasion,” said Pete's Big TVs President Peter Daniel. “It's great working with a top notch production team with professionals such as Bruce Rodgers and David Stallbaumer, among the many others. And it was an honor to be involved with Andrea Bocelli, whose voice is as large as the Great Lawn.”


photos by Matt Ellar

Pete's Big TVs/Performance Video provides LED video screens, projection and full video production for concert, entertainment and corporate events since 1987. For current news, photos and updates on projects in action, visit the company on Facebook at or call 1-800-999-0010.

Press Release: Debi Moen, INK.

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