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Pete's Big TVs Embellishes MTV Woodie Awards

Pete's Big TVs Embellishes MTV Woodie Awards

mtvwoodiesweb.jpgThe MTV Woodie Awards moved their annual indie rock, hip-hop show this year from New York City to Austin, TX in the midst of the South By Southwest Music Festival. Pete's Big TVs/Performance Video was there to help carry off the visual production in style.

The March 16 event, hosted by Donald Glover, was broadcast live from the Austin Music Hall on several MTV channels. Taking the stage were the Foo Fighters, Wiz Khalifa, Sleigh Bells, Two Door Cinema Club and others performing to the capacity crowd.

Production Designer was Anton Goss, a Los Angeles-based veteran of MTV Video Awards shows. Goss views awards shows in a similar vein to the TV game shows he designs as well, the most recent NBC's “Minute to Win It.”

Corrugated steel scenic elements flanking the sides of the stage and serving as a roof above the lighting added texture and spread light. A lighted runway into the crowd, a DJ booth in the balcony and ladder-like pieces resembling necks of guitars decorated each side of the stage, transforming the bare canvas of the venue into a professional-looking studio.

Guy Benjamin led the PBTV/PV crew of Matt Ellar and Jody Lane. They outfitted the two-level venue with a variety of screens for visual content. Above the stage hung a 20mm Serpentile for the proscenium header. Surrounding the balcony railings facing the stage were Elation 37.5mm mesh panels - 86 of them connected together to create a 132-foot long scenic element for Hippotizer media server content. Two Toshiba 6mm LED walls for IMAG were positioned in the background onstage.

LD Tom Kenny performed his lighting magic at the event, with each artist's performance taking on a distinct look for the cameras. Benjamin and Kenny will work together again soon on the upcoming TV Land Awards in April in NYC.

For more information at Pete's Big TVs/Performance Video, call 1-800-999-0010 or visit on Facebook at

Press Release: Debi Moen, INK.

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