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Penn-Elcom Re-launches Fane in the US

Penn-Elcom Re-launches Fane in the US


Flightcase and loudspeaker solutions specialist Penn-Elcom announces a new US distribution deal with Fane Acoustics which sees a re-launch of the entire Fane professional speaker driver range in North America - including all Fane's pro audio loudspeakers and guitar speaker lines.

This follows a recent global distribution deal between the companies - combining the synergies, resources and energies of two leading, highly respected entertainment and production industry brands - giving both access to the other's international distribution networks.

Penn-Elcom and Fane have known each other for over 30 years. Both companies have great histories, solid commercial pedigrees and the general integration of their sales and distribution networks made complete sense for future growth.

Not only have the two companies enjoyed this long standing and positive working relationship, both are market driven, leaders in their own fields and benefit from a great synergy between their respective clients, so this US distribution deal is another logical step forward.

While Fane's guitar speakers have been available and very successful in the US for some time, they waited to find exactly the right professional partner - with all the logistical resources in place to offer a premium service - to handle and support the full product lines.

Penn-Elcom Inc is headquartered in the US in Garden Grove, California and has offices and extensive warehouses facilities in New Jersey and Houston, Texas, providing fast and efficient distribution hubs all across the US.

The company is famous for its same and next day deliveries, made possible in part by having the capacity to accommodate a large in-hand inventory.

"It was essential for us to find a company with the right mix of dynamics, enthusiasm and commitment to represent our brand correctly, as well as to make all the products available in the US," says Fane director Mark Barnes, "Penn-Elcom is the perfect match".

The advantages to Penn's clients is that they will be making an internationally renowned brand of loudspeaker drivers with 50 years standing and a very unique sound - available on demand, "Fane's product line complements and enhances our already extensive range of speaker grills, speaker hardware and components,” says Penn-Elcom Inc's Phil Stratford.

The timing of the re-launch is also ideal for both companies who are in the process of implementing strategic international expansion plans. Fane has more new products available than at any time in its history and Penn-Elcom has recently opened offices and distribution outlets in Argentina and Peru to consolidate its thriving Latin American operation.

Penn-Elcom and Fane will share a booth at NAMM 2012 in January, which will highlight all the new Fane products including the popular Colossus PRIME 18XS, Fane's new flagship superwoofer high output bass driver.

For more press information on Penn Elcom, please contact Louise Stickland on +44 (0)1865 202679 or +44 (0)7831 329888 or Email me To contact Penn Elcom direct, check : or call (US HQ) +1 714 230 6201.

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