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Paul Fronc On The BSMC

ELG: Hi, I'm here at the BSMC, with Paul Fronc from Show Concepts and Systems in Baltimore, MD, who is a BSMC veteran, attending for the third time. Paul, what are your impressions of the classes this year?

PF: A large group is in attendance this year, and the discussions have been many, and varied relative to equipment and technological areas. The presentations and presenters are friendly, open, and more than willing to give of their time and attention to help educate and inform, without thought of your "standing " in the industry, pro or novice. Thanks so much to all of them! However, there may be vaiue in discussing the "life" of a designer, especially in the theatre world. That is, on a day-to-day basis, what does a person involved in the creation of a production, do? How do you, in a design function, market your services, write a contract with producers, ( and for what benefits? ie. design fees, rights protection for your efforts, future income over time, points/ percentages, etc.) In a nutshell, especially for younger people, students, etc., how is the "business" of design operated and run? And, is it right for you!

ELG: What is happening in the sound arena for the corporate and commerical projects that you specialize in, and how do the sessions at the BSMC inform or inspire you?

PF: Currently, my work is generally geared toward providing sound services for A/V multimedia special events in the Washington, DC area. There is typically a greater focus and concern placed on the visual component of an event, although sound is gaining in importance and priority. The line array is becoming the norm, and digital consoles are appearing more often on site. There is not too much need, in my market, for complex cueing, and/or memory storage of show info, mostly due to the "one-off" type of shows we do.

The BSMC classes are very helpful in keeping up-to-date with the advances, and future possibilities, of the gear and designs of systems. It's also the ONLY place to meet, greet, brainstorm, and create with the BEST in the fields of sound design, equipment manufacturers, and to contact the pros for suggestions and help in clarifying your thoughts on the subjects at hand! Every time I've attended, I find my energies rejuvenated, and passion restored!

True, my years of operating for many theatrical tours and concert events are not directly aligned with the "cut-and-dried" world of talking heads at podiums, and video playback/ projection. There is, however, great value in bringing "performance/ show biz" energy and values, to the rather staid world of the suits-and-ties set!!!!!


ELG: Thanks Paul. And as they say, "Same Time Next Year.!"

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