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Pangolin Systems “WOW” Audiences at the 2011 AMAs

The lasers used during the Enrique Iglesias performance at the 2011 American Music Awards still have crowds talking.

ORLANDO, Fla – November 27, 2011 – Audience's from around the world were amazed, as Enrique Iglesias took the stage at the 2011 American Music Awards, performing his hit single “Tonight” with guest singer Ludacris, among a dazzling spectacle of stunning laser light.

To take his performance to the next level, Enrique obtained the help of veteran laser light show company YLS Entertainment out of Los Alamitos, California. Using the latest laser control technology provided by Pangolin Laser Systems Inc and KVANT Laser, the folks at YLS were able to create a series of programmed laser beam patterns and effects, that perfectly matched the feel and pace of Enrique's performance. The team at YLS Entertainment used six KVANT laser projectors, all controlled using 6 Pangolin LD2000 systems and 2 Pangolin network controllers.

Marty Canavan of YLS Entertainment was quoted saying “Working with Enrique Iglesias and his team for the 2011 American Music Awards was a real treat. All of the laser effects came out just the way we wanted, and this is thanks to new technologies made possible, by companies like Pangolin. I've been in the laser industry for over 20 years and I can't say enough about how much using Pangolin Systems has advanced both the quality of our shows and made programming them much easier.”

To catch a glimpse of Enrique's performance at this year's 2011 American Music Awards, and to see the outstanding laser show work done by YLS Entertainment, check out this video:

About YLS Entertainment.

YLS Entertainment is known for providing their clients with state of the art laser light show productions. They provide laser effects for a variety of settings, including television, commercials, movies, corporate and sporting events, theme parks and casinos. Marty Canavan, the lead laser programmer for YLS entertainment learned the laser business by working with numerous laser companies, and then touring with Ronnie James Dio, Motley Crue, and a Rap tour that included LL Cool J, and Iced T. Marty's musical ability was highlighted when he programmed laser beams and scans for the VH1 Rock Honors, a tribute to "The Who". You can find out more about YLS Entertainment by visiting their website:

About Pangolin Laser Systems

Since 1986, Pangolin has amassed over 16,000 clients in 63 countries firmly positioning themselves as the world leader; providing software and hardware solutions to the laser display and text message industries. The company, with offices in the USA, Central Europe, and Mainland China, has received more than 20 awards for technical achievement and product quality, and their software has contributed to more than 370 Artistic Awards for its users. Pangolin has products being used by some of the largest events, companies, and brands currently known, including major theme parks such as Disney World, SeaWorld, Universal Studios, and Six Flags; major motion picture companies such as 20th Century Fox and DreamWorks pictures; high-tech companies such as PC Magazine, Boeing, and Lawrence Livermore Labs; popular brands such as Mountain Dew, T-Mobile, and Motorola; major sports teams and events such as the Orlando Magic, Philadelphia Eagles, and Super Bowl XLIV; and top-named musical talent including Madonna, Drake, Usher, Metallica, the Black Eyed Peas, Jennifer Lopez, Shakira, Jean Michel Jarre, Justin Timberlake and many others.

For more information on Pangolin and their award winning line of products, visit their website at

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