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Pangolin allows users to Share Laser Shows, Frames, and More... for FREE!

Pangolin allows users to Share Laser Shows, Frames, and More... for FREE!

Pangolin Laser Systems Inc. a world leader in software and hardware solutions for the laser display industry has announced the release of their all new Pangolin Shows Portal. This new website from Pangolin allows users to upload and download all kinds of laser shows, animations, and utility programs to share with one another. And best of all there are no costs to the users! There has been a huge demand from the laser industry to have a portal where users could share content that they have created with each other, and Pangolin has stepped in to respond to this demand.

Pangolin Shows Portal

Before its initial release, and before it was even announced to the industry, the Pangolin Shows Portal had hundreds of users across the world already signed up, speaking volumes for just how big the demand for a laser show portal has been. Pangolin has made the shows portal very easy to navigate. Content categories include beam and graphic shows, frames and animations, workspaces, utility programs, and software updates. The Pangolin Shows Portal is available for all Pangolin clients, including those who are using the LD2000 software for professional users as well as QuickShow software for casual users.

For more information on the Pangolin Shows Portal, please visit the website at For more information on Pangolin and their award winning product line, visit or call (407)-299-2088.


Media Contact:

Justin Perry

Director of Marketing and Finance

Pangolin Laser Systems Inc.

Tel: (407)-299-2088

Fax: (407)-299-6066

Email: [email protected]

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