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Pandoras Box wraps the new Mercedes B Class with Projection

Pandoras Box wraps the new Mercedes B Class with Projection

coolux_picture For the Chinese launch of the Mercedes B Class organized by Hans-Joerg Halbartschlager of the agency Munich One, Andree Verleger and Guido Gesell came up with the idea of a digital reveal of the new B Class. After an initial project meeting, coolux was approached to explore the creative possibilities of a projection with multiple projectors onto a full sized car for this corporate show.

The design team wanted to create a projection that should not only reveal the car but should also allow to show reflections of the environment. These were created with an additional softedge projection on a large curved back wall. The car projection featured full animations of the cars surface, shape and line drawings along with live mapped stock footage that was programmed on-site. The graphic design team of Uwe Malorny provided all visuals by creating a virtual model of the car with a dedicated video map. To ensure that the projection could be set up in time on-site, a two day test was organized by TLD, responsible for the technical planning and installation. It was important for the team and the client to check both the setup time and get an idea of the first results of the content production.

In the beginning of January 2009, the setup was realized on-site in one single night at the venue in Beijing and all other time was well spent on content editing and programming for the show. Thanks to the great support of the Team of Munich One, and TLD the presentation had a great impact on the audience.

Read the whole story and view all pictures and the video in the coolux user forum:

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