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Oz Gets Design Praise from The New York Times

Oz Gets Design Praise from The New York Times


It's always nice when theatre critics take note of the work of the actual design team. We all know that the actors wouldn't be seen or heard if it weren't for the lighting and sound designers, but it's nice to be recognized by "regular," outside-the-industry folks.

So, I thought it cool that many of the designers are mentioned in The New York Times review of The Wizard of Oz at New York's WaMu Theater at Madison Square Garden. Here's an excerpt:

The abundance of stage gimmickry is another thing that by sheer contrast makes “The Jitterbug” the play's best moment. The number has no tricks, just the old-fashioned ingredients: colorful costumes (by Tim McQuillen-Wright), witty choreography (Leigh Constantine) and cool lighting (Bob Bonniol). Works every time.

Speaking to Bob Bonniol today, the designer notes that associate Lighting designer Rob Halliday was not listed, but that he "contributed quite a bit," so there's a shout-out to Rob also.

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