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Owl City is Bright and Beautiful with Bandit

Owl City is Bright and Beautiful with Bandit

owl-city-2011.jpgSynthpop superstar Owl City toured the world in 2011 with illumination support from Bandit Lites. Manager Steve Bursky, production manager Adam Jackson, stage manager Andy Frost and lighting director/ designer Paul Holst all worked with Bandit Lites Business Development Manager Brent Barrett to deliver a breath taking show for this groundbreaking artist.

Holst worked directly with the artist (Adam Young) known as Owl City to deliver multiple different works of visual artistry throughout the year. Every leg of the 2011 world tour required a different equipment package and Host was more than prepared for the challenge. Known for his global sash hit “Fire Files”, Owl City embarked on a massive world tour in 2011 that touched every part of the earth. Holst created very unique and visually stimulating looks with every show, each steeped in LED technology along with unique trussing shapes and black lite and strobe effects.

Equipment used along the way included VL 2500 Spots, GRN Moving Washes, GRN Battens, MAC 101's, GLP Impressions, Wildfire Black lights, Atomic Strobes and DF 50 smokers. Holst used a Grand MA Lite to control the show. The variety of different types of LED fixtures on the same stage provided a very unusual show, unlike any other on the road this year. The multi-platinum artist hails from Minnesota, where he began his trade working online with multiple music effects. The 2011 All Things Bright and Beautiful Tour was sold out at every venue and Bandit looks forward to working with the incredibly talented Owl City team in 2012.

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