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OSRAM SYLVANIA showcases OSRAM HMI Director Series lamps

OSRAM SYLVANIA showcases OSRAM HMI Director Series lamps

OSRAM HMI 18000W/DXSEnhanced High-Wattage Single and Double End Lamps Meet Rigorous Demands of Film, Stage and Exhibition Lighting

Since introducing the original HMI lamp in 1967 at the request of motion picture companies seeking a safer and improved alternative to existing light sources, OSRAM has continued to develop innovative and efficient lighting solutions for television, film and stage lighting. North American lighting leader OSRAM SYLVANIA is showcasing the newly redesigned OSRAM HMI® Director Series lamps, specifically designed to meet the demanding photography requirements of the entertainment industry, at this year’s LDI.

Ranging from 6,000 to 24,000-watts, OSRAM HMI Director Series lamps exhibit an exceptional color rendering index of >90 along with a high luminous efficiency of up to 100 lm/W. Featuring a daylight-like color temperature of 6000K, these lamps have set the industry standard for creating realistic, naturally lit scenes where the full color spectrum can be captured correctly on film.

All of the HMI Director Series lamps now feature more robust stems, resulting in less breakage during transport, and incorporate a round moly-foil design that more evenly distributes heat and current, providing lamp life increases on average of 25 percent. Adapting a revolutionary design based on the highly successful OSRAM XBO lamps used in cinema projectors, the double-ended HMI Director Series lamps are currently the only lamps of their kind in the industry designed with a cement-free base to improve reliability. Additionally, the new splash-resistant packaging features a handle for carrying and a reusable design that allows the lamp to be repeatedly stored and transported safely.

“OSRAM was awarded an OSCAR® in 1987 and a Primetime Emmy® Engineering Award in 2007 for the invention and ongoing improvements of the HMI lamp, and the new HMI Director Series lamps are designed to continue the prestigious OSRAM HMI legacy,” said Mark DeLorenzo, Entertainment Business Manager, OSRAM SYLVANIA. “OSRAM HMI metal halide lamps are designed for the particularly high demands of film and television lighting, where the quality of the light plays a critical role, especially in outdoor applications.”

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