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OSRAM SYLVANIA debuts new accessories for OSRAM KREIOS G1 LED Image Projector

OSRAM SYLVANIA debuts new accessories for OSRAM KREIOS G1 LED Image Projector

New Suite of Accessories for Award Winning LED Projector Increases Versatility

North American lighting leader OSRAM KREIOS G1 LED Image Projector is proud to announce a new line of accessories for the bright, compact and lightweight OSRAM KREIOS® G1 LED Image Projector at this year’s LDI 2012. A recipient of a 2012 red dot design award in the lighting and light design category, the KREIOS G1’s capabilities to project uniquely customized images will be enhanced thanks to the new line of easy-to-use accessories.

The KREIOS G1 is an ideal solution for any application needing spotlight image projection, including special events, bars and restaurants, retail stores, shopping malls, museums and other retail and architectural environments. Its compact and lightweight design allows for easy installation on walls, ceilings and floors. Now featuring five accessories that are easy to add on – including a 24 degree lens, shutter assembly, gel holder, track mount adapter and 6-ft cord with plug – the KREIOS G1 can be used for a wider variety of applications while helping conserve energy, thanks to the high-powered, long-life LED light source.

“The OSRAM KREIOS G1 LED Image Projector provides users with tremendous spotlight image projection capabilities,” said Jack Burwick, Product Marketing Manager, OSRAM SYLVANIA. “The new line of G1 accessories will allow users to be even more creative when using our award winning projector.”

24 Degree Lens – Built to enhance output, the new 24 degree lens can help the KREIOS G1 create an image 50 percent larger than the original standard 16 degree lens, reaching up to six-feet in diameter, with the same high quality image transmission. With an easy screw-in, screw-out feature, the existing 16 degree lens can be replaced without tools, providing users more product flexibility. This is ideal for custom imaging and messaging in environments with limited space.

Shutter Assembly – Designed to easily mount where the gobo holder would reside, the new lightweight and compact shutter assembly only takes a few seconds to install via magnets. By simple slide adjustments with your finger, the standard circular beam pattern can change shapes to square, rectangular or triangular beam shaping. The shutter assembly beam can also be used as a spotlight, perfect for highlighting pieces of work in museums.

Gel Holder – Designed to slide over the front of the KREIOS G1 projector easily with no tools required, the gel holder features a thin slot that allows for sheets of colored or diffusion gel to be inserted. Perfect for architectural/museum spot and accent lighting, this allows users to create colored light that can transform any room’s aesthetics.

Track Mount Adapter – Now featuring a track mount adapter that attaches to the projector base by a single screw, the KREIOS G1 projector can now be installed onto a track system allowing for easy location changes and flexibility. The track mount adapter is compatible with Lightolier, Juno Lightings and Halo track systems and is available in black or white, allowing it to color match the projector for seamless integration into the desired lighting scheme.

6-ft Cord with Plug – The UL certified, 6-ft cord extends the range of operations of the KREIOS G1 and has a 3-prong Edison plug-end.

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