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OSRAM Illuminates Vancouver's Convention Centre and Whistler Sliding Centre

OSRAM Illuminates Vancouver's Convention Centre and Whistler Sliding Centre

The 2010 Vancouver Winter Games are committed to sustainability and ecological awareness. When constructing sports facilities, accommodation and infrastructure, the environmentally friendly use of resources is a major factor. In February 2010, energy-efficient OSRAM lighting will ensure that bobsled events take place under ideal lighting conditions, and the many international media representatives will be able to work around the clock due to the integrated lighting solution at Vancouver's Convention Centre. 
OSRAM lighting technology will illuminate both Vancouver's Convention & Exhibition Centre, in which more than 7,000 journalists will be based during the Games and the Whistler Sliding Centre, which will host the bobsled, luge, and skeleton events.

Whistler Sliding Centre

The largest venue will accommodate thousands of media representatives working in approximately 140,000 square metres. A combination of LUMILUX® T5 high-output and high-efficiency fluorescent lamps, LUMILUX® T8 fluorescent lamps and QUICKTRONIC® DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) dimming systems will keep the Congress Centre lit energy-efficiently. 

Using Dali technology, every luminaire in the entire building can be individually controlled. Luminaires can be continuously dimmed as well as grouped together. This intelligent system also provides information about light levels or failed lamps, which makes maintenance easy. As the individual luminaires are digitally programmable, lighting groups can be reassigned without rewiring, even if no technician is on site.

Dali combined with OSRAM fluorescent lamps ensures maximum flexibility throughout the Convention Centre. With more than 2,100 Dali control units and over 10,300 control points, the lighting management system at Vancouver's Convention Centre is the largest, most technically sophisticated and flexible facility in North America.

The Whistler Sliding Centre hosts the bobsled, luge, and skeleton competitions. The 1,450-metre track on Blackcomb Mountain can accommodate 12,000 spectators. The bobsled and toboggan track was built with sustainability in mind, with regard to materials, refrigerants, location and energy consumption. OSRAM's efficient lighting system, with a light output of between 94 and 100 lumens per watt is the perfect solution – as in the Convention Centre, LUMILUX® T5 high-output and high-efficiency fluorescent lamps with QUICKTRONIC® T5 high-output control gear provide cost-effective and high-performance illumination.

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