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Opening Pandoras Box

Opening Pandoras Box


Coolux's Pandoras Box has me quite excited for a few main reasons. I could rehash all the things media servers do, but we already know it all. As a designer I'm always looking for products which have visually intuitive ways to manipulate a project, and I think Pandora's Box has struck a good balance.

The interface is really accessible. You're able to see what's going on quickly, as well as manipulate the necessary parameters. With all those virtual faders, are we going to a multi-touch version soon? I like how effects are run and edited. The timeline function is quite nice, as well as being able to see how a parameter changes over time. I don't have to compare numbers in my head; I just look and see what's happening. Way cool. But while there's a timeline, you're not a slave to it. Being able to uncouple content from a rigid structure makes a ton of sense in our flexible world. Its frame blending is robust. Finally, having everything a few clicks away is really convenient. Not having to navigate through a console is refreshing, which I realize may get me in trouble with lighting peeps.

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