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One hoist, four user-defined positions: Introducing PowerLift® T Series with SureTargetâ„¢ Controller

November 17—No more “bouncing” a motorized batten into the right position! Now there's a fixed-speed automated hoist that comes with its own dedicated controller, giving you the power to define up to four stops for accurate positioning with every move.

J. R. Clancy introduces the PowerLift T with SureTarget, combining its most popular motorized, fixed-speed hoist with a controller that provides accurate, repeatable positioning—all at an affordable price point.

SureTarget provides pushbutton control with four user-definable preset stops. Operators simply press the up or down button to move the batten to the preset position, eliminating the guesswork involved in returning a motorized batten to the right trim using simple up/down control.

In particular, lighting designers will appreciate electrics battens that use PowerLift T hoists with SureTarget. The rigging operator or electrician can lower the batten to perform maintenance on lights, and maintain the integrity of the focus by returning the batten to exactly the right position.

“Nothing annoys a lighting designer more than an electrics batten at the wrong trim after it's been focused,” said Tom Young, J. R. Clancy's vice president of marketing. “That's why we paired our most popular hoist with an easy-to-use device that gives the designer and the electrician peace of mind—because ‘eyeballing' a batten to the right trim has never been a good practice.”

SureTarget control also makes the PowerLift T particularly good for front-of-house lighting fixtures, allowing staff members to lower these lights for maintenance and return them to their exact original position.

The PowerLift T has a fixed speed of 20 fpm and a 2,000-pound capacity, All PowerLift models now feature the SureBrake II, an electric load brake that applies automatically if the drum exceeds the lift's maximum speed.

J. R. Clancy will introduce PowerLift T with SureTarget at the LDI show, in booth 1702. For more information, visit

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