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Oh, Yeah: Why We're In Helsinki

Stepping back a few paces...Have I mentioned that Live Design is the official US publication of the Eurovision Song Contest 2007, so we'll have exclusive coverage in our July issue? I found out last night that we'll be named in the show credits, broadcast live to 42 countries, with in excess of 200 million viewers and many others across the globe receiving a delayed broadcast. Now, that's not something we get to experience every day, so we're really proud of that.

The video crew is presently tweaking some malfunctions as we speak, but there doesn't appear to be too much chaos (yet)...of course, dinner break may be falling by the wayside at this point. Some video was lost during first dress this afternoon, but I'm sure they'll get everything online in time for second dress tonight. It's amazing how, when things go wrong, the audience doesn't really have a clue. Rehearsal looked great anyway.

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