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Now Shipping: Pulsar's Wireless DMX Transmitter and Receiver

Now Shipping: Pulsar's Wireless DMX Transmitter and Receiver

pulsar_pwdmx-txrx.jpgPulsar, developer and manufacturer LED lighting and lighting control solutions for professional entertainment and architecture installations is pleased to introduce its newest innovation, the Pulsar Wireless DMX Transmitter and Receiver. Pulsar's Wireless DMX Transmitter and Receiver Interfaces provide an extremely cost-effective and flexible solution for interconnecting industry-standard DMX controllers and fixtures.

Key benefits include:

• Transmit / Receive full 512 ch. Universe

• Compatible with all DMX512 equipment

• +6 to 32 V DC Low Voltage Supply

• Auto-powered from PULSAR DMX fixtures

• 100-240 V AC Power Supply available

• IP 65 rated for external use

• High quality IP67 rated XLR5 connectors

• Features the latest W-DMXTM G4 technology

• Uses the global 2.4Ghz ISM band

• 100m typical range with up-to 250m range possible in clear line of sight

• Long-range antenna available

• AFHSS Adaptive Frequency Hopping

• Multi-Mode DMX packet error correction

• Accurate DMX packet timing integrity

• Simple one button setup and pairing

• Unlimited receivers to each transmitter


Pulsar Wireless DMX (PWDMX) Receivers and Transmitters incorporate the latest Wireless Solution Sweden AB W-DMXTM G4 receiver and transmitter cards. PWDMX units transmit and receive in the global 2.4GHz ISM band.

AFHSS: The use of an Adaptive Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum technology ensures interference is kept to a minimum, allowing co-existence of PWDMX and other local wireless systems.

Error Correction: Duplicate transmission of DMX packets on different frequency channels with robust error checking and correction ensures all data sent over the air is protected from corruption.

DMX packet integrity: The G4 technology accurately re-creates the timings and properties of the DMX packet that are presented to the transmitter. So PWDMX may be considered to be an invisible wire.

Setup: With only one button to press, setting up PWDMX is exceptionally easy.

Number of Receivers: A PWDMX transmitter will drive an unlimited number of PWDMX receivers.

Number of Channels: A PWDMX transmitter will transmit 512 DMX channels (1 Universe). To control more than one Universe simply add one transmitter per Universe.

Range: Ranges of 100m are readily attainable, with ranges of 250m being possible when the transmitter and receiver pairs are in the clear and correctly oriented.

Greater distances can be achieved with an external antenna – please consult Pulsar.

Power Supply:

The PWDMX-TX needs +6...32VDC at 350...75mA on pin 5 of the XLR

The PWDMX-RX needs +6...32VDC at 65...20mA on pin 5 of the XLR

The Low Voltage Supply (LVS) found in most PULSAR fixtures may be used to power PWDMX units.

PSU1-XLR5 is an optional indoor rated mains power supply for use when an LVS supply is not available. This operates on any mains voltage from 100-240 VAC, 50-60Hz, 0.3A and provides +24VDC at up to 0.5A.

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