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Nocturne @ WWE 25 Nocturne @ WWE 25

Even before anyone heard “Are you ready to rumble?” Nocturne Productions was on the Wrestlemania 25 scene at Houston's Reliant Stadium. This high profile 25th Anniversary event was Nocturnes' first Wrestlemania, putting WWE among the elite company of Nocturne sports clients, including the NFL, NBA, NHL and the LPGA.

One key element to the fans' experiences of Wrestlemania 25 was the five 60 foot tall Vlite walls of video and special effects, designed by Jason Robinson. “This was my first time working with Nocturne,” Robinson said. “I was impressed that after we bid the job out, they were responsive immediately. I was really impressed with the interface they already had designed for me. They took care of everything brilliantly. I look forward to working with them again.”

At the event, there were (5) 60 foot tall by 18 foot wide panels of V-Lite set up and run by Nocturne Productions' technical crew of LED technicians led by Omar Montes, with his team of Dave Panscik, John McLeish, and Carson Austin. These screens had to be both safe and yet also easily moved. The total set up took the crew five hours. The V-Lite and V9 LED products are proprietary to Nocturne Productions and built along with LSI-SACO.

“In the middle of the show we had to split the two outer walls for set changes,” says Montes. “We had about 2 minutes to split the walls without loosing signal. There were a lot of graphics displayed on the video screens. We stacked V-9 screens on the floor forming three semi circles upstage. These were in front of the V-Lite and used to play the HD introduction packages for the wrestlers. All the wrestlers had their own theme - everything was different for each wrestler, with a lot of pyro effects.”

Nocturne's techs and equipment were equal to the task, dazzling the 72,744 WWE devotees at Reliant Stadium, along with the millions who watched on Pay Per View and streamed it on the Internet, as they saw HHH, Cena, and Matt Hardy, among many others, triumph in the ring.

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