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NMR Thrills with Its 2009 Technology Showcase

NMR Thrills with Its 2009 Technology Showcase

NMR Staging & Events' 2009 Technology Showcase makes a resounding impact.

August 25 — Monroe Township, NJ — NMR, a nationwide staging and technology rental company, recently held its 2009 Technology Showcase at their New Jersey corporate office. NMR had some of the most cutting edge technology available on display, ready to engage patrons. NMR's valued clients, being completely immersed in the technology, were able to get hands-on with the equipment and really see what it could do. NMR's industry partners, Moss, GES, Drape Kings, Freeman, and Digital Illusions all contributed to the extraordinary finished product resulting in a huge overall success. Use the following link to see the video trailer of NMR's TechFair: TechFair2009

Walking onto the showroom floor, guests were greeted by 3D hologram projection using Digital Illusions' Musion Eyeliner film. Upon completion of the hologram video, Watchout show automation kicked in and automatically opened up the doors to a world of flat screen displays ranging in size from 15-inch LCD's to 103-inch multi-point touch plasmas. Clients were fascinated by the larger than life 16'x40' glass projection screen. When the tour guide pressed a trigger, the glass projection screen transitioned from frosted to clear revealing a universe of LED and interactive technology behind it. It was easy to see the difference between various size LED tiles running side-by-side. The differences between these tiles and which applications they were best used for were then explained by our experts.

A general session stage was set up boasting NMR's production capacity using a line-array sound system, a 16x9 projection screen, and some of the latest in LED automated lighting. The stage was outlined by WinVision LED tiles running video effects. Guests then learned about NMR's webcasting capabilities and how live streaming, 508 compliant feeds can be distributed through the web.

The big surprise was the Augmented Reality (AR) exhibit in which the lines between life and technology were blurred. AR uses live video imagery which is digitally processed and "augmented" by the addition of computer-generated graphics. As the exclusive US rental provider for Simbioz, NMR had the FS Series, a 46-inch touch-less interactive LCD display, available for demonstration and participation as well as its big brother, the Simbioz 103” Series, a touch-less 103” interactive plasma . Users experienced its advanced interactivity which uses cameras to detect hand gestures. Some guests brought their children who took much pleasure in kicking around projected balls on the floor generated from our Gesturetec Ground FX system. The Microsoft Surface was demonstrated as a real-world solution for creating multi-user collaborative experiences on three units. Some of the features shown were the Earth mapping program and the Libation Station in which guests ordered beverages which were delivered right to their couch. The Surface was certainly a high note to end the tour on.

“Some of the feedback that I have been hearing from our clients is the need to increase the overall value-proposition to the end-user while ensuring that the experience as a whole is not diminished. Using those points as our goal, my entire team worked to develop the showcase around these important business factors,” said Michael Meduri, President and CEO for NMR. “Now that the event is over, my initial reaction is that it was the right call. Many of our guests complimented me on presenting a wide selection of solutions that they will be able to present to their end-users that balanced their goals of providing value while still delivering the WOW Factor.”

“This was a great opportunity for our clients to see technology in real world uses and applications they have not seen before. The technology speaks for itself and when they have a chance to engage and see how it all comes together, the possibilities really come to life,” said Jason Newman, Director of Technical Services for NMR. “With the use of CAD and visualization software, we were able to see how the showcase would look and feel before we even set one cable in place. We always have high hopes that people walk away with a million ideas zooming around in their heads and we welcome return visits to explore the ideas further.”

For over twenty five years, NMR has been a leader in the tradeshow and corporate event industry, with seven offices nationwide. NMR sets the standard by maintaining excellent customer service, developing strategic partnerships, and keeping up-to-date about technological advancements. For more information, please visit


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