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Nila Lighting System wins LDI Debuting Product Award

Nila Lighting System wins LDI Debuting Product Award

Nila Lighting SystemNew Windsor, New York—November 20, 2008—At the LDI 2008 tradeshow in Las Vegas, the Nila Lighting System won a prestigious Debuting Product Award, Lighting. The judges felt that “the Nila Lighting System is a new lighting solution for the entertainment industry, setting an unprecedented environmental standard for low-energy consumption, while delivering unmatched lighting performance and product versatility.”The Nila Lighting System is manufactured by Nila, Inc. and distributed for sales and rentals exclusively by PRG. Nila is an easily configurable, modular solid-state light designed for film and television applications that raises the standard for environmental sustainability without sacrificing performance. It is designed to be rugged and durable enough to stand up to the rigors of location shooting and it easily mixes with tungsten and HMI sources. The Nila Lighting System is an innovative and forward thinking tool that is already being quickly adopted by the industry, including extensive use in the new James Bond film, Quantum of Solace.

The Nila Lighting System offers unprecedented durability without forfeiting output or control. Easily interchangeable lenses allow customizable control of the beam spread, plus the units have a built-in electronic dimmer. Their small size and light weight provide ultimate positioning flexibility for every shot.

The Nila light is designed to be green from start to finish. Using LEDs, the light dramatically reduces electrical use and air conditioning load. The light eliminates toxic heavy metal components and is RoHS compliant without the need for any special exemption. At the end of the useful life of the light, Nila Inc. then takes the lights back so they can recycle them.

Jim Sanfilippo, Founder and Principal of Nila, Inc. explains, “I designed the Nila system specifically for the entertainment industry. It is 75% more energy efficient than tungsten halogen lights and generates 80% less heat. The Nila Lighting System provides quality illumination without compromising the quality of our environment.” Nila is committed to changing the way you view the world through sustainable design.

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