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The Next Big Thing

Rumor on the show floor has it that LED technology might be the next big thing.

All sarcasm aside, it looks like we're truly entering the realm of "usable" LED fixtures. By this I mean fixtures that are bright and savvy enough to start replacing our traditional fixture choices.

Low resolution video elements are abounding as well thanks in no small part to these advancements in LED technology and it appears that almost everyone is jumping into the game with configurable bricks of LEDs that can have video mapped across them in one fashion or another.

Between seminar speaking and meetings yesterday I personally haven't had a chance to spend time getting all the details of these various products but one that stood out was a product that I saw on the James Thomas Engineering booth. A configurable version of LED cubes that can have various video mapped across it. What set's it slightly apart from the rest is the fact that they're actually passing video through one ethernet line to the first cube and then daisy-chaining the rest of the configuration in what will be a tidy little package. It's completely in it's beta form at the moment but this looks like it shows real promise in the upcoming year and worth watching out for.

More to come. Stay tuned...

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