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The New Standard In Compact Hybrids

The New Standard In Compact Hybrids

Elation Unveils Ultra-Compact Design Spot 1200C 1200W Hybrid Spot-Wash Moving Head with Wireless DMX


LOS ANGELES –Compact hybrids are the wave of the future – and we're not talking about automobiles! Elation Professional's new Design Spot 1200C is a hybrid spot/wash intelligent CMY moving head fixture that's compact in size, but big on the features and value that today's lighting users demand. Blasting out a mighty 1200W output, it's housed in a small, lightweight case more typical of a 700W fixture. Not only does this make the Design Spot 1200C more efficient to transport, it also means that one person can easily set up and take down the unit, resulting in substantial labor and time savings.

“Packing a 1200W unit into 700W watt casing is a real design innovation,” said Eric Loader, Director of Sales for Elation Professional. “This means when you're in a concert hall and want to blast out a lot of wattage, yet have limited space and time, the Design Spot 1200C is perfect for your needs. Everyone will appreciate that one person can handle it easily. Plus, it's easily transportable and takes up less space on the truck, which makes it ideal for touring productions and rentals.”

The Design Spot 1200C's hybrid design, which enables it to function as both a spot and a wash, is another feature that offers big savings and value to lighting users. In addition to the pristine narrow and sharp spotlight it produces, the unit comes with a built-in Variable Frost Filter. When applied, this feature takes that hard-edge beam and instantly transforms it into a more diffused, softer wash. Additionally, there is a Variable Zoom (16°–41°), which further increases the creative possibilities of this versatile fixture.

Great for concerts, churches, theaters, stage productions and arena events, the Design Spot 1200C is anything but a “stripped down” model, sporting a deluxe array of features and effects. The powerful 1200W DMX-compatible moving head offers CMY color mixing plus variable CTO for an extensive palette of color mixing possibilities. It also features: 8 static/replaceable dichroic colors including CTB and UV; a gobo wheel with 12 rotating/indexing gobos; a separate Animation effects wheel; and 2 rotating/indexing prism effects (3-fact & 3D prism). In addition, it has a Motorized Iris, Linear Dimmer (0-100%) and Motorized Focus.

“We included all of the features that lighting designers demand in one compact and highly affordable package,” said Loader. “The Design Spot 1200C is powerful, but small. It's versatile and loaded with effects, but price accessible.”

Elation's engineers also know that, increasingly, lighting designers are preferring units with wireless DMX capabilities. So the Design Spot 1200C features a built-in wireless DMX receiver that utilizes technology from world-renowned Wireless Solution Sweden AB. This allows it to receive DMX signals wirelessly from up to 3,000 feet that are sent via Elation's EWDMXT wireless DMX transmitter (sold separately), or other wireless DMX transmitters made by Wireless Solution. “The 1200C's wireless DMX capability makes it great for applications where you can't -- or prefer not to -- run cable. This is another space and time-saving feature,” Loader pointed out.

For those who prefer to stay wired, the Design Spot 1200C offers both 3-pin and 5-pin DMX data first in and out connections. It offers Remote DMX addressing from any DMX console (RDMX). Plus, users can adjust the DMX profile attributes manually to emulate other fixtures if a show has already been programmed with another fixture type. Also included is a built-in DMX Recorder, which can store and play scenes from any external DMX controller.

The Design Spot 1200C can operate on 27 DMX channels in standard mode or 38 channels in extended mode. The unit is powered by a Philips MSR1200 gold doubl-ended high color temp lamp at 7,500k, and offers 750 hours estimated lamp life. With its high output and 630° or 540° Pan and 265° selectable Tilt, the Design Spot 1200C is great for producing sweeping effects and color in larger venues when a small-profile fixture is required. It measures only 14.5” x 11” x 25.25” and weighs just 78.3 lbs., thanks in part to a lightweight electronic ballast.

The MSRP of the Design Spot 1200C is $9,399.

For more information, call Elation Professional toll-free at 866-245-6726 or visit

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