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New Stageline Mobile Theater: Slick, Practical and Safe

New Stageline Mobile Theater: Slick, Practical and Safe

Check out this video of the theatre setup

Stageline Mobile TheaterTo celebrate the 60th birthday of Montreal's famous mobile theater, La Roulotte, the city decided it was time to get some experts to build a much needed modernized version. They turned to Stageline to design and manufacture a brand new mobile theater. The 2012 version had to answer very specific criteria dictated by the city. The end result has proven to answer well beyond the initial demands so the show can indeed go on!

Stageline Mobile Theater - Closed trailerVery specific requirements

“We had very specific requirements”, says Mr. Paul Langlois, head of the cultural division for the city of Montreal. ”The theater had to be easy and fast to install and dismantle and require minimal physical effort as it was to be done by a team of actors before and after each performance. The unit takes only 30 minutes to install so that's mission accomplished right there”, continued Paul Langlois. “From a practical stand point, the unit had to have enough storage space for the entire stage scenery along with all the sound, light and staging gear. Stageline also prewired the unit for us. The last but most important aspect was to have a safe staging solution, especially since our actors use both the stage and the theater roof as performing space. Stageline could deliver on all our requirements, and more!”

Stageline Mobile TheaterAn outstanding after-sale service

“I'd like to say a few words on Stageline's after-sale service which was really outstanding”, insists Paul Langlois. Really fast and efficient, a fine example of great collaborative work. What a slick looking trailer we have now”, concludes Mr. Langlois with distinctive accents of pride in his voice.

About the mobile theater La Roulotte

The Montreal city's mobile theater La Roulotte has been initiating citizens of all ages to the pleasure of live theater for nearly 60 years. As the oldest children's theater in Quebec's entire province, La Roulotte has sailed through various parks of the city every summer since it's creation in 1953.

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