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New Serapid High-Speed Trap Lift

SERAPID introduces the Trap Lift - the fastest trap lift known to the market today. Built with their Rigid Chain Technology, renown for its reliability and safety, the trap lift can be used to carry scenery, objects or actors from areas underneath the stage up to stage level.

Jared Clarkin, Production Manager at First Stage Children's Theater in Milwaukee purchased a SERAPID Trap Lift to move scenery and other props as well as for use during productions.

"The lift performs flawlessly each and every time," says Clarkin. "The use of the lift in this case gave the (performance the) feel of a rock concert with the appearance of the main act coming up through the floor. Each and every time we perform this effect we receive oohs and aahs from the audience."

The SERAPID Trap Lift is quiet enough to be used during performances and comes with special safety features (such as a safety switch mounted to the top platform) to allow people to ride on it. The unit is self-contained and self-guided.

For more information visit: A video of the lift can be seen at:

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