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New release of the LIGHTCONVERSE 3D Show Platform

New release of the LIGHTCONVERSE 3D Show Platform

LightConverse Ltd. releases LIGHTCONVERSE 3D Show Platform v51

Available as of March 24, 2011, LIGHTCONVERSE 3D Show Platform Release 51 continues to provide a powerful photo-realistic solution for integrating and visualizing multiple show related disciplines in real-time, including lighting, video (in and out), laser, pyro, water effects and moving objects.

Among the most anticipated features in this release of the ESTA Award-Winning (2009 & 2010) software are its highly accurate pixel-mapping capabilities for precise and realistic visualization of LED walls and other LED objects.

In addition to our long list of unique and powerful features, Release 51 also offers new solutions for common video projection problems with our 3D Mapping Engine and new 3D modes for use with 3D Glasses to really blow your client away!

On the hardware side of things, the new LIGHTCONVERSE SERVER-1536 and SERVER-STUDIO offer a formidable way to visualize up to 1536 fixtures (96 Universes) virtually, in addition to providing 3 to 15 live DVI outputs for real-world projection once 3D mapping is completed to perfection within the software.

Additional Release 51 Features

- Great performance boost

- Simultaneous visualization of 1536 moving fixtures (SERVER-1536 model);

- 96 channels per fixture

- 96 input universes

- DMX mapping for objective

- Focus calibration Grid and FOV visualization in fixture setup

- SpacePilot Pro 3D mouse connectivity

- Two different textures per Material

- Mirror effect via negative texture tiling

- Ambient Light color correction.

- 512 scenes per Track in optional Onboard Control mode (48 playbacks)

- MIDI input & MIDI Time Code support in Onboard Control mode

No yearly renewal or subscription fees.

Educational and House of Worship discounts available.

Please visit us at Frankfurt Pro Light & Sound 2011, Location 11.0 B35!

More details available here:

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