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New Relationship Opens Clear-Com Entry Into Industrial, Tactical and Public Safety Markets in Quebec, Canada

ALAMEDA, CA ─ GerrAudio, exclusive distributor of Clear-Com® products in Canada, has named Tandem Distribution in charge of sales for Industrial, Tactical and Public Safety applications in the province of Quebec.

This announcement furthers Clear-Com's role in Industrial and Public Safety Communication, and will give the company a major new presence in one of Canada's largest provinces.

“Tandem's reputation in Quebec's industrial, tactical and public safety markets precedes it so we are glad that Gerr Audio has brought the company on,” says Bob Boster, Worldwide Vice President of Sales, Clear-Com. “Tandem is a well established distributor in the field, and its extensive customer base offers an unparalleled opportunity for Clear-Com to gain exposure in the region, introducing Clear-Com to an even greater pool of users.”

With the release of such products as the HME DX300ES tactical wireless intercom system, along with its other professional intercom systems, Clear-Com continues to embrace the need for highly reliable, full-duplex communication. Tandem's experience with developing these types of solutions made it a natural choice for GerrAudio, and will allow Clear-Com to break new ground and appeal to new markets. Tandem's relationship with other suppliers will also allow for custom integrated solutions with Clear-Com products.

“We are very much looking forward to working with Tandem”, says Geoff Maurice, GerrAudio's Clear-Com Product Specialist. “The company offers a unique set of skills that are necessary in order for Clear-Com to become better recognized in these areas.”

For more information on Tandem Distribution please visit .

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