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New Products at LDI 2011 American DJ Booth 603

New Products at LDI 2011 American DJ Booth 603

Mega Par Profile Mega Par Profile – When you see this ingeniously-designed compact LED par can, you'll say, “Why haven't they thought of that before!” The Mega Par Profile is a low-profile RGB color-mixing par that can sit directly on the ground for uplighting or fit easily inside truss for toning -- without its bracket. That's because its power and DMX Ins/Outs are intelligently located on the side of the fixture, rather than the rear, allowing the unit to “sit flat” when its bracket is removed. Also great for use as an overhead stage par (with its hanging bracket on), the versatile Mega Par Profile offers bright output and smooth RGB color-mixing with fast or slow color change operation. It can be controlled via DMX or manually in Auto, Sound-Active and Master-Slave Modes. It features 108 x 10mm LEDs (26 red, 46 green, 36 blue); 32 built-in Color Macros; Color Strobe effect; 0-100% Electronic Dimming; and 30° beam angle. Low-maintenance and energy-efficient, the Mega Par Profile draws just 18 watts of electricity at maximum use, and its long-life LEDs will run for 50,000 hours. It's also amazingly affordable at under-$100 MAP.

Hypnotic RGB – A remarkable 3-in-1 laser effect, the Hypnotic RGB creates unique “web-like” laser patterns in red, green and violet blue. Compact and lightweight, its 30mW green laser, 80mW red laser and 350mW laser are all FDA-approved, making the Hypnotic RGB a true go-anywhere effect that's perfect for DJs, small clubs and mobile entertainers. Wherever it goes, the Hypnotic RGB will hypnotize, creating a trance-like environment as it projects its mesmerizing spidery patterns on walls, dance floors and ceilings. Easy to use, it can simply be turned on and run in Sound-Active Mode to built-in programs, or it can be operated in DMX or Master/Slave Modes.

Royal Sky -- The sky will turn blue -- and green – at your next party or gig when you flick on the Royal Sky. This cool new laser unit features one 30mW green laser diode and one 350mW violet blue laser diode that light up the night with a “Liquid Sky” type effect when projected above the crowd. Clubs won't have to worry about safety or getting variances either, because its lasers are FDA-approved. Also great for projecting on walls and dance floors, the Royal Sky is easy to use, featuring 20 exciting built-in patterns that automatically run when the unit is in Sound Active Mode. It can be linked in multiples up to 16 units with 3-pin XLR connectors and IEC In/Out power cables to create an amazing laser light show over a larger area. It can also be operated via DMX, featuring a 4-button digital display menu for easy navigation. Other features include: smooth 1.8° stepper motors, 38° beam angle, low 20-watt power consumption, and multi-voltage operation: AC100-240V, 50/60 Hz.

H2O DMX Pro – A mood effect that produces more types of water than you'll find in a “designer water” bar! The H2O DMX Pro can create flowing water effects in 6 dichroic colors -- orange, green, blue, yellow, purple and white – and it features 2 separate glass effects wheels that project different water patterns. This DMX-512-controllable LED-powered simulated water effect gives users so many different options for creating beautiful rippling liquid images, that it's ideal for use in a wide range of applications – from clubs and concerts to hotels, spas and retail displays. The H2O DMX PRO also offers 0-100% dimming capabilities and comes with 2 replaceable beam angle lenses (34° and 52°) to provide even more design possibilities. Powered by a high-output 50W LED source, it not only produces extremely bright colors, it's also very energy-efficient and maintenance-free, drawing just 69 watts of electricity and running for 30,000 hours without burning out. The H2O DMX is DMX controllable (3 channels) and can also be run in Sound-Active and Master-Slave Modes.

Royal 3D – Another masterful “blue laser” effect from American DJ, the Royal 3D projects an awesome shower of 3D-like rotating laser beams in green and violet blue. Not too long ago, blue lasers –coveted for their mystical quality -- were rare and expensive. But ADJ has now brought their cost within the reach of small clubs and mobile entertainers. And since both the 30mW green laser diode and 350mW violet blue laser dioide on the Royal 3D are FDA-approved, there are no variances to worry about. Now DJs and entertainers can add the crowd-pleasing attraction of a blue laser to their lighting toolchest and set themselves apart from the pack. Easy to use, the Royal 3D features 15 exciting built-in programs that run automatically when the unit is set in Sound Active Mode. DMX (5 channels) and Master-Slave Modes are also available. Other features include: high-quality 1.8° stepper motors for smooth movements; laser strobe effect; very wide 90° beam angle; and hanging bracket with safety hook.

Diversa RayDiversa Ray – An exciting DMX multi-effect laser, the Diversa Ray produces 3 different effects from one laser fixture: 1) a “Galaxian style” effect with 100s of red and green beams; 2) a “Liquid Sky” effect; and 3) a multi-beam prism effect. Equipped with one 30mW green laser diode and one 80mW red laser diode (both FDA approved), it produces a massive beam spread that can cover large areas. The Diversa Ray operates on 9 DMX channels, allowing users to control such variables as Red Laser, Red Laser Pattern, Green Laser Movement, Red Laser Rotation and Prism, to create their own customized laser lightshow. It can also be operated without a controller, running through built-in programs in Sound-Active Mode. The unit is linkable for Master-Slave operation, and it can be used with American DJ's optional UC3 remote control (sold separately) for wireless operation. Compact (12.5”L x 8.5”W x 7.5”H/ 316x213x193mm) and lightweight (9 lbs./4 kgs.), it's ideal for DJs, mobile entertainers and clubs.

Duo Station – This versatile lighting control unit is 2 controllers in one compact unit. On one side of the unit is a basic 3-channel RGB controller for LED fixtures. On the opposite side is an 8-channel Relay On/Off switching system. An ideal solution for DJs, bands, mobile entertainers, small clubs and bars that want both simple control of LED fixtures and On/Off switching for their effects lights, the Duo Station is very affordable, portable and easy to use. It has separate data outputs on the rear control panel, allowing each side of the controller to run independently of the other. Its LED controller features 16 built-in chase programs, as well as static color scenes, that work with any standard 3-channel RGB LED fixture. On the Relay controller side there are 8 buttons for switching channels on and off. The Duo Station comes as a complete system that includes: 1 x Duo Station Controller, 1 x Relay Pack, 1 x 20-foot 7M DMX cable.

Flat Par CWWW9 & Flat Par CWWW18 – Two more ultra-bright low-profile LED par cans that feature American DJ's new “sit flat, go bracketless” design. Both pars have their power and DMX connections mounted on the side (rather than the rear), so that when their hanging bracket is removed, they can be placed flat on the ground for uplighting or set inside truss. Each unit features both Cool White and Warm White LEDs; as their names suggest the Flat Par CWWW9 model contains a total of 9 x 3-watt LEDs, and the Flat Par CWWW18 contains a total of 18 x 3-watt LEDs. Great for staging, permanent installations and mobile entertainers, both models can be run in DMX, Sound Active or Master-Slave Modes, and may also be operated wirelessly with American DJ's universal LED RC remote control (sold separately). Both include 0-100% Electronic Dimming, Strobe effect, and IEC AC In and Out to daisy chain power. Featuring a 40° beam angle, their long-life LEDs are rated at 50,000 hours. They are also very energy-efficient, with the Flat Par CWWW9's power draw just 30 watts maximum, and the Flat Par CWWW18 consuming a mere 60 watts.

Micro WashMicro Wash WWCW – This mini Warm White/Cool White LED par can weighs just 1.6 lbs. and measures 6.9”L x 4”W x 2.6”H, so it can literally be held in your hand. But its 7 ultra-bright 1-watt LEDs (4 WW and 3 CW) pack an amazing punch for its size. Offering super-smooth WW to CW color mixing, it features a dual bracket system that allows it to be hung or set on the ground, making it great for everything from performance stages to table spotting to accenting retail displays. Its flicker-free operation makes it perfect for film and televisions applications too. Loaded with features for its tiny size, the Micro Wash WWCW includes DMX-512 operation (3- or 5-channel modes), 19 built-in white color macros, strobing, electronic dimming, and a 3-button DMX display system on the rear panel. In addition to DMX, it can be operated in 4 other modes: Sound Control Mode; Macro Mode; Auto Mode; and Manual Color Mode. It features a 10° beam angle, 10,000-hour LED lamp life; and low 15-watt max power consumption.

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