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New Products Found at LDI 2010 - ENTTEC Datagate Mk2

New Products Found at LDI 2010 - ENTTEC Datagate Mk2

ENTTEC Launches Datagate Mk2


ENTTEC Pty Ltd introduced the Datagate Mk2, the newest version of its signature DMX networking tool, the Datagate, by adding a web-based, user-friendly graphical interface, gigabit-speed Jumbo Frames, Remote Device Management (RDM) on-demand, and more. ENTTEC created the Datagate Mk2 to improve the Datagate's existing functionality as a hub/splitter, merger, and Ethernet-to-DMX gateway, and expand its capabilities. Now the configuration is all performed via Web browser; you no longer need to download a utility to a computer.

Instead, users set their browsers to the Datagate Mk2's web address, and there they will find a graphical interface that uses familiar drag and drop functionality. The simplified display screen allows users to create a flow chart and then the Datagate Mk2 will perform what is drawn. This enhancement not only eliminates steps, but also makes the whole process easier to understand and manage.

Other new features include Jumbo Frames, an innovation that takes advantage of the gigabit Ethernet architecture on which the new Datagate is built. ENTTEC claims that Jumbo Frames are designed to have eight times more payload in each one compared to a conventional Art-Net frame. They also claim a 2.5 times increase in throughput on a gigabit network. With Jumbo Frames, latency is decreased by sending out much more data in the same number of network packets.

Datagate Mk2 handles Ethernet to DMX conversion for Art-Net, KiNet, and ESP automatically.


The Datagate Mk2 has a completely redesigned chassis, with a more flexible display and menu choices at the front. All connections are at the back, including eight DMX ports and an Ethernet port.

The Datagate Mk2 features options that can be field-upgraded to give it both an affordable base price and a large variety of capabilities for advanced users.

When creating a network with Datagate Mk2, users have built-in the ability to work with RDM fixtures later when needed, just by upgrading software capability. This technology allows the same hardware used for the DMX-Ethernet gateway to do the RDM discovery, addressing, and monitoring. It also reports venue information over long distances directly to a laptop or smartphone. The Datagate Mk2 monitors RDM sensors while transmitting eight universes of DMX.

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