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New Plopsa Indoor Theme Park supplied by ShowTex

New Plopsa Indoor Theme Park supplied by ShowTex


Studio 100 selected ShowTex to supply and install all custom printed backdrops, star cloth, decorative fabrics, stage curtains, and tracks for the attractions at the new Plopsa Indoor theme park in Coevorden in the Netherlands set to open on April 30th. The theme park is conveniently located next to the family friendly Center Parcs and has a total area of 10,000 square meters. Plopsa Indoor will feature popular Studio 100 characters like Kabouter Plop, Samson & Gert, Bumba, Piet Piraat, Mega Mindy, and the House of Anubis.

Construction has taken place over the past year with heavy involvement from the ShowTex installation team. The 14 meter high curtain tracks had to be fitted before building of the scenery could take place. This created extra challenges when hanging the illustrated backdrops that had to match up perfectly with the houses, restaurants, and attractions in the park.

To celebrate the opening and give fans and visitors insight into what it takes to create the kind of magic that delights children the world over, ShowTex started an online diary about the project at

Here, readers can get a glimpse into the ShowTex sewing workshop where the giant backdrops, theater curtains, star cloth, and masking drapes for Plopsa Indoor Coevorden were sewn and the process of putting them all together on site. Whether facing the challenge of installing curtain track and hanging thousands of meters of drapes at dizzying heights or doing it all on a tight time schedule, supplying a top theme park isn't just a job, it's an adventure.

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