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New Lex Products PowerHOUSE Power Distribution Box for Convention Centers

New Lex Products PowerHOUSE Power Distribution Box for Convention Centers

Lex ProductsLex Products Corporation has announced the release of its new PowerHOUSEâ„¢ “Doghouse” power distribution box, designed to meet the special demands of the convention center market. Compact, sturdy, portable and stackable, this new product will provide users with enhanced convenience and exceptional durability.

“Through comprehensive research and development, Lex Products created the PowerHOUSE Doghouse distribution box to help simplify the complex challenges convention centers encounter regarding the provision of temporary power and display lighting,” said Bob Luther, chief executive officer of Lex Products. “Benefits including easy portability, stackability, and non-skid surfaces, combined with safety needs, like shock and corrosion resistance, are critical in these venues.”

The new portable power distribution box can be used in applications where multiple boxes are strung along one power feed to provide convenient 20 Amp duplex power. The PowerHOUSE Doghouse is ideally suited for applications including power distribution for trade show displays, portable lights, audio equipment and light tools.

The PowerHOUSE Doghouse is rated at 20 Amps and distributes three phase power to three color-coded duplex receptacles for easy phase identification. Weighing less than four pounds, the box provides a popular configuration for convention center power distribution. The PowerHOUSE Doghouse offers enhanced safety with a Lex Products Bento Boxâ„¢ enclosure, which is electrically insulated, constructed of engineered thermoplastic material and designed to be resistant to corrosion, shock and impact.

Lex Products, a leading North American-based manufacturer of power distribution and control products, offers a full line of PowerHOUSE portable power distribution boxes designed for ease of use, and ranging from 20 to 400 Amps. For more information about the PowerHOUSE Doghouse, or other portable power distribution products, please contact Lex Products at 1-800-643-4460 or

About Lex Products Corporation:

Lex Products Corporation is a leading manufacturer of innovative power distribution and control systems for demanding markets, including entertainment, industrial and the military. Founded in 1989, the company specializes in portable power systems including distribution boxes, cable assemblies, cable protectors and other products, designed to withstand rough use and harsh environments. Lex Products is ISO 9001 certified in the design and manufacturing of sheet metal and cable assemblies. Created by the International Organization for Standardization, ISO 9001 is an international standard that mandates requirements for an organization's quality management system.

Headquartered in Shelton, Connecticut, the company also has offices in Sun Valley, California. The company was ranked in the 2011 Inc. 5000, and ranked 72nd for growth in the manufacturing segment. To learn more about Lex Products, please visit

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