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New J. R. Clancy SureStop Block controls runaway linesets

SYRACUSE, NY—Continuing its long record of innovation in making manual rigging safer and easier to use, J. R. Clancy, Inc., will introduce its new SureStop Head Block at the LDI show in Las Vegas, Oct. 19-21.

The SureStop Head Block mechanically senses the head block speed, engaging a brake to stop its motion when the speed exceeds safe levels. In the event of a runaway lineset situation, SureStop halts the movement for both the arbor and the batten in either direction. This helps prevent the potentially dangerous impact of a runaway arbor on the locking rail, or an overloaded batten on the heads of actors and technicians.

When the overload situation is cleared and the lineset’s direction is reversed, SureStop automatically releases the set, allowing normal operation to resume.

“J. R. Clancy has led the industry for decades with improvements that make manual rigging operation safer, including our load-sensing SureLock Rope Locks, and our SureGrip Synthetic Rope with built-in wear indication,” said Andy McArthur, J.R. Clancy sales manager. “Now our SureStop Block provides another level of safety, by helping to prevent the accidents that can occur when stage technicians try to operate out-of-balance linesets.”

SureStop can handle a maximum capacity of 3,000 pounds, and it can be used for upright or underhung mounting. The block fits on standard 8-inch centers. Clancy can customize the SureStop block to fit the needs of any venue.

The new block also reaffirms Clancy’s ongoing commitment to manual rigging as a cost-effective choice for schools, theatres and performing arts centers. “For many of our customers, manual rigging continues to be the best option for creating dramatic scene changes and effects,” McArthur said. “We support our new and existing customers with innovative solutions that improve safety and prevent damaging accidents.”

More information about J. R. Clancy’s manual rigging solutions is available at, or by calling (800) 836-1885.

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