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New iPhone App From Wybron

New iPhone App From Wybron


I had lunch with the folks from Wybron yesterday and had the chance to see a pretty sweet new app the company will be launching (possibly ready today along with the new iPhone release) that contains a virtual gel swatchbook for all the popular manufacturers you know and love.


Wybron prez Keny Whitright let me play with it a little bit, and it's very handy. You can scroll through loads of gel colors, compare those from different manufacturers, and get just the right color info you need, all right there on your iPhone and for just $10. There's another new app that's a color calculator for Wybron's CXI scroller (for just $5 more), so you can scroll through the two CMY gelstrings, line up the color you want, and it gives you the values you need. The catch? You have to have an iPhone, but I hardly think that's going to hold anyone back in our biz. I know about a dozen folks who slept out for the first release, so I can only imagine how many we'll see by the time LDI rolls around.

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