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New Ideas for Snap To Black

New Ideas for Snap To Black


Lightfactor Sales has supplied 27 SGM IDEA 250 Series moving lights to Newcastle-based service and production company Snap To Black.

The first project for these is on the innovative percussion spectacular Noise Ensemble's UK theatre tour, which feature 27 SGM IDEA 250 spot and Wash fixtures.

Snap to Black were brought onboard the tour by Noise Ensemble's lighting designer Ben Rogers to provide production management, staffing and the 2009 tour's lighting package.

Snap To Black's James Henshaw decided to make the investment in the 13 IDEA Spot 250s and 14 IDEA Wash 250 units because he saw it as a “Cost effective compact unit that would deliver the show's specific design requirements”. Additionally, they will now be available in hire stock for future projects.

The IDEA 250 features that were specified by Ben Rogers included the twin gobo wheels and prism of the Spot, and the zoom facility on the Wash unit. These attributes coupled with the excellent deal that Lightfactor's Peter Coles was able to offer, helped push the SGM heads to the top of the list.

Henshaw says that when evaluating the functionality-to-price ratio, the IDEA Series proved the most cost effective solution. The 2 year warranty package and strong after-sales support from Lightfactor also swung the deal SGM's way.

As an LD, Rogers has used SGM along with all the other leading moving light brands for theatre, rock ‘n' roll and club applications, and has often been impressed at “The range of functions available within the smaller form factor of the fixtures”.

The purchase of the IDEAs for Noise Ensemble is Snap To Black's first major investment in technical production equipment. The company was formed in September 2008. “As a service facility, we wanted to be able to meet the needs of the tour within the allocated budget and offer first-class on-site support,” affirms Henshaw.

Lightfactor's Peter Coles adds, “It's great testament to Snap To Black's confidence in SGM and Lightfactor, and it's really exciting for us to be associated with a young and enthusiastic company who are going places”.

The Noise Ensemble UK tour is currently scheduled to run until July.

Ben Rogers has worked on developing the show's visuality for the last 4 years, taking it from its vibrant Edinburgh Festival roots to the international touring sensation and massive musical and theatrical hit that it is today.

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