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New features for Hippotizer™

New features for Hippotizer™

Hippotizer * HD Adds Native DVI Parrotâ„¢ Functionality

Hippotizer HD Media Servers now include built-in DVI Parrot functionality. The addition of DVI Parrot to the Hippotizer HD combines two popular products from TMB into a single package! Previously only available as an external stand-alone device, the unique DVI Parrot by Carallon allows user-configurable EDID (Extended Display Identification Data) management. The DVI Parrot emulates EDID profiles which can be created or captured, modified, and stored by the user, as well as analyzed and/or controlled, via USB. Parrot Trainer software is included. The DVI Parrot is an essential tool for the modern video technician. No more resolution problems. No more crashes from disconnected displays.

* HippoPortamusâ„¢ output unlocked!

With the advent of Hippotizer v3.1 software (currently in BETA release), the HippoPortamus now features unlocked output resolution, giving the user extended HD output, in a laptop! Extended HD resolution also allows use of selected hardware splitters, allowing multiple HD images from one output. The ‘Portamus offers full HD functionality, including PixelMapper, HippoNet, Multiple Timelines, full Effects library, Media Manager, Keystoning, Screen Warping and all the other great features of Hippotizer, “America's Favorite Media Server!

Effective August 1, 2011, Hippotizer HD and ‘Portamus prices will increase 2.6% and 14.4% respectively. Until that time, Hippotizer HD w/DVI Parrot and the enhanced ‘Portamus are available at current pricing!

TMB is Exclusive Distributor for Hippotizer in The Americas, and Exclusive Distributor worldwide for DVI Parrot. For more information visit TMB's online product pages: and Learn more about other innovative and exciting products from TMB at

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