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New ETC fixtures take their place in architectural lighting

New ETC fixtures take their place in architectural lighting

In 2000, ETC revolutionized accent and display lighting with the debut of the Source Four® HID. Thanks to their brilliant light, venues all over the world have adopted the energy-efficient fixtures. Over the past year, ETC has added to its award-winning fixture family, giving architectural lighting professionals even more light sources to layer into their designs. The Source Four LEDâ„¢, Selador Desireâ„¢ LED luminaires, and Source Four XT HID Zoomâ„¢ are the right tools for museums, retail outlets, restaurants, houses of worship, theaters, performing arts centers, themed environments, hotels, resorts and any architectural installation that demands spectacular lighting.

ETC Source Four LED DaylightThe Source Four LED is the newest member of the ETC Source Four family of fixtures, offering super-efficient, high-quality light. It outputs maximum brightness and outshines other LED profile spots, with up to 40 lumens per watt. With three arrays – Lustr+â„¢ for adaptable color, Daylight for cool white light, and Tungsten for warm white light – designers can select the color range that works best for their application. Whether it's a long-throw, sharp-edged beam to illuminate architectural detail, a soft but controlled light on a retail display or a tightly-focused rainbow of colors in an entertainment venue, the Source Four LED gives both beam- and color-control to architectural lighting professionals. The user interface on the back of each Source Four LED has options to further customize operation for specific lighting tasks..”ETC Source Four LED Tungsten

ETC Source Four LED Lustr+With almost no heat at the gate, the Source Four LED can be used for the crispest, cleanest image projection. Says Source Four LED Product Manager Matthew Armendariz-Kerr: “The fixtures are so cool that gobos can be printed on a regular laser printer without worry that they will distort or melt. A designer setting up for a wedding reception, for example, could print out a transparency of the couple's initials and use the Source Four LED to shine it on a wall or the dance floor. And the lighting punch of the Source Four LED is so strong that the image will be bright and clear.” Gobo projections don't need to be monochromatic, either. The Source Four LED Lustr+ luminaire uses the acclaimed Selador® x7 Color Systemâ„¢, which covers more of the color spectrum than other LED sources on the market. Armendariz-Kerr continues: “That same designer could match the projected image to the wedding reception's theme colors, or transition hue to hue across a broad color palette

ETC Selador Desire D40 Lustr+ETC's Selador Desire series of LED luminaires also offers incredible versatility, with three chassis options: D40â„¢, D60â„¢ and D40XTâ„¢. The D40 features 40 LED emitters for bright illumination, and the D60 chassis has 60 emitters for super-bright output. Both are rated for indoor use. The forty-emitter D40XT is IP66-rated for exterior use, so designers can take its stunning light outdoors in wet, dry, hot or cold weather. Like the Source Four LED, each Selador Desire luminaire has an easy-to-operate user-interface to tailor its performance for different applications. There are even settings designed specifically for architectural installations.

The PAR-shaped Desire fixtures come in four x7 Color versions: Vivid for bold colors; Lustr+ for variable whites, tints and vibrant colors; Ice for lush cool-spectrum hues; and Fire for striking warm-spectrum shades. These luminaires can be used to add drama to a building's exterior, create an eye-catching spectacle in a restaurant entryway, or give a hint of color to corridors.ETC Selador Desire Studio D40XT Tungsten

The Desire line also includes three white-light arrays: the high-light-volume Studio Tungsten for warm-color-temperature whites, Studio Daylight for cool-temperature whites, and the spectrally balanced Studio HD for adjustable white light. They can be used anywhere a low-energy, high-brightness fixture is needed. Studio Tungsten with its flattering light can naturally illuminate a speaker at a podium in a conference room. Studio Daylight can add a splash of sunlight to a dark corner in a museum. And Studio HD can bring out the intricate details of a textured wall in a theater lobby.

ETC Source Four XT HID ZoomThe Source Four XT HID Zoom was designed specifically for outdoor architectural applications. While it offers the same optical acuity, light output and energy efficiencies as the other fixtures in the Source Four HID line, the Source Four XT is not just a Source Four repackaged to work outside. Explains ETC Fixtures Product Manager Tom Littrell: “We completely rethought and redefined the Source Four for a new lighting environment. The XT is a rugged new design – a fully sealed, self-contained fixture that stands up to the elements and meets electrical-safety standards for wet locations.” The Source Four XT is IP65-rated, meaning it is watertight when used in rainy or snowy locations, dust-tight for dry conditions, and can operate safely in -4° to 104° Fahrenheit temperatures.

The Source Four XT features a 12,000-hour, 150W high-intensity-discharge light source, so the fixture can work unattended for long periods of time. Its built-in shutters make it ideal for framing architectural elements on a building's exterior or highlighting signage. The Source Four XT is also suited for a variety of long-throw applications, like unobtrusively spotlighting a sculpture in a park, projecting an image on a building, or lighting up an attraction at a theme park.

More information about these and all of ETC's renowned fixtures can be found at and

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