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New Engraved Alan Gordon Scene Slates

New Engraved Alan Gordon Scene Slates

Engraved Combo Scene SlateAlan Gordon Enterprises, Inc, recently introduced a range of new products to accompany their wide variety of proprietary and patented motion picture equipment.

Engraved Scene Slates have been added to Alan Gordon's series of scene slates. The Combo slate measures 11" x 9.25" x 1/8" and is manufactured by Alan Gordon and made of heavy duty acrylic. Engraved letters and dividing lines provide a superior alternative to silk-screened lettering ensuring durability. The clap sticks are machined from Alder wood specially selected for its distinctive pitched clap. The slates come with a write-on/wipe off marker.

The Insert Slate measures 5" x 4" and is white acrylic, engraved slate. Perfect for those close shots when a full sized slate is just too large.

For more information about these products contact Wayne Loucks on 323 466 3561, email [email protected] or find them on the web at Visit their showroom at Alan Gordon Enterprises, Inc, 5625 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90048

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