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New Edition for Litestructures Product brochure

New Edition for Litestructures Product brochure

Litestructures Product BrochureThe 2009 edition of the Litestructures Product Brochure is out now, cataloguing our complete range of trussing, staging and supporting systems. It's packed with useful information, from applications, through to structural diagrams, and full technical information - it's all in there.

In addition to all the usual products, we've also included information about 4 new exciting products:

• LitePro520 – the heavy duty truss line giving an unrivalled combination of load capacity and versatility

• MidiStage Climbing Roof – the 8m x 6m stage roof ideal for outdoor productions of medium audience size

• MaxiStage Climbing Roof – the 10m x 8m stage roof also available as a 12m x 10m combination

• MegaStage Climbing Roof – uses either LitePro520 or 520Pro trussing system, the 14mx10m or 16mx12m combinations are designed specifically to cater for larger event productions

Beautifully detailed, yet easy to use, this is the definitive and indispensible guide to the creative use of all of our aluminium structures. Request you personal copy today, by calling 01977 659 800, or e-mailing to [email protected]

**Ask us nicely, and we'll burn you a CD-ROM of it**

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