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New coolux Media Systems Pandoras Box Widget Designer and Switcher Enable Custom Control and Connection Interfacing

New coolux Media Systems Pandoras Box Widget Designer and Switcher Enable Custom Control and Connection Interfacing

coolux Media Systems today announced the release of the latest Pandoras Box (PB) Widgets, the Widget Designer and Switcher. Both widgets give customers greater control over how they use their Pandoras Box Media System products. The PB Widget Designer is a simple tool that makes it easy for users to create their own PB Widgets or application-specific interfaces, according to the unique needs of their operators and productions. The PB Switcher widget is a preset-based playback interface that streamlines and enhances control and recall capabilities during live shows and events.

“Pandoras Box products offer limitless options with respect to real-time media control, and each customer uses the software in a unique way, depending on their creative goals,” said Steve Gilbard, president of coolux International. “The introduction of the PB Widgets gives users the ability to create custom interfaces in almost any format to enable workflows and implement control patterns that complement their projects and conform to their personal preferences. Whether the project is a museum kiosk display, a live show, or command and control/simulation, the convenience and improved efficiency provided by customization often translate to faster, smoother creation of 3D visuals.”

By giving coolux customers the ability to customize control interfaces for Pandoras Box products, the PB Widget Designer complements the range of free, downloadable PB Widgets that provide interfaces optimized for specific applications. The PB Widget Designer can be used as either a controller extension or as an optional input device for multimedia applications. It is a simple and effective tool for designing interfaces according to the operator's requirements — from simple presets to the fully interactive touch screen control of Pandoras Box devices — requiring only minimal development and thus eliminating complex programming.

With the PB Widget Designer, users can create buttons, faders, and other simple tools for controlling any function, including cues and sequences. Interface designs and layouts created through the PB Widget Designer can be saved and retrieved at any time to support key functions during operation. Users can also leverage the Pandoras Box Media Net network to access and implement multiple control panels within single or multiple Pandoras Box Media Net zones.

The PB Switcher playback interface features eight submasters, each with eight individual presets and a fader, as well as go-buttons and programmable fade duration. During live events, the switcher allows the user to recall cues and presets via mouse or touch screen at any time. The switcher can be installed on any number of PC systems running Windows® XP over the Pandoras Box Media Net network.

The PB Widget Designer and the PB Switcher, along with PB SPARK and PB Automation tools, are available for download at

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About coolux Media Systems

coolux Media Systems is a world-leading provider of award-winning solutions for real-time, on-location media control, compositing, editing, and 3-D image processing. Based in Köln, Germany, with its international office in Agoura Hills, Calif., coolux's Pandoras Box is preferred by customers around the globe in television/broadcast, touring/concert, performing arts, and architectural markets. coolux's pioneering technology has received numerous awards and accolades including a Primetime Emmy Engineering Award. Additional information is available at

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