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New Book: Historic Photos of Broadway

I received a review copy of a Historic Photos of Broadway, a great "coffee table-style" book put out by Turner Publishing (copyright 2008) with amazing pictures--obviously--dating from 1850 to 1970. With images from the Billy Rose Theatre Division of the New York Public Library For The Performing Arts, text and captions were written by Back Stage editor Leonard Jacobs.

You can find the book on Amazon. I've just been perusing it so far, but I'm fascinated by two images in particular. One (on p. 239 if you have the book) shows playwright Edward Albee in 1966 with the "various staff and crew" of A Delicate Balance. Of course it only names the famous folks like Jessica Tandy and Hume Cronyn, but I wonder if there are any creative folks or crew anyone out there knows in that shot (wish I had it to post...will work on that).

Another is a great shot of the Star Theatre from the turn of the century (the last one), demolished in 1902. But who knew (as the captions notes), there is time-lapsed YouTube footage of the dismantling of the theatre:

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