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New ArKaos Kling-Net Compatible LED fixtures from Elation at LDI 2012

New ArKaos Kling-Net Compatible LED fixtures from Elation at LDI 2012

elar-quad-srtip-color1-sml.jpg Elation Professional Lighting of Los Angeles will be the latest in a growing number of major brands to support the ArKaos Kling-Net protocol when it releases its new range of Kling-Net compatible LED fixtures at LDI 2012.

Elation will present no less than four new products in its ELAR Quad Series: the new ELAR Quad Panel a 16 x 10W LED panel, the ELAR Quad Bar a 0.5m 4 x 10W RGBW LED bar, the larger ELAR Quad Strip a 1m long 8 x 10W RGBW LED strip and ELAR Quad Par a 9 x 10W LED Par-style module with 25° beam angle.

Each of the four models offers pixel control for extreme LED matrix effects and can be used in stand-alone mode for a variety of applications, or together as a creative scenic design element within a show.

The adoption of ArKaos Kling-Net into the new Elation LED fixtures transforms the ELAR Quad fixtures into intelligent Kling-Net devices that can talk to, and be controlled by, a Media Server.

About ArKaos Kling-Net

ArKaos Kling-Net is a unique protocol designed specifically to allow the distribution of real-time video data to remote display devices, like LEDs or LED panels, over Ethernet.

Kling-Net is simple to use and brings LED lighting within the grasp of every user.

Kling-Net adds ‘intelligence’ into the display devices to enable auto configuration of the devices upon start up, so dispensing with the need for complicated set up procedures. It ensures perfect time synchronization of multiple display devices and by-passes the need for expensive hardware video converters to send video to display devices. Kling-Net can be used to create a heterogenic network of display devices from different manufacturers, all controlled by a simple computer.

Universal Application

Kling-Net has been designed to work with as many manufacturers’ LED products as possible and can be embedded in any manufacturer’s product under licence from ArKaos.

More details can be found at or view it on YouTube at

Learn more about Kling-Net and Elation ELAR Quad Series

Don't miss the Elation seminars on Friday 19 October at 3-4pm and Saturday 20 October at 2-3pm in the Elation seminar room (#N254) where Elation staff will be joined by ArKaos’ Agnes Wojewoda and Toon Servaes to deliver a comprehensive presentation of Kling-Net and the ELAR Quad Series.

To find out more about ArKaos Kling-Net and Elation ELAR Quad Series, visit the Elation booth (#1101) or go to and

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